The British Academy: Just Transitions to Decarbonisation

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The British Academy: Just Transitions to Decarbonisation

Deadline: 6-Oct-21

The British Academy is seeking applications for its Just Transitions to Decarbonisation in the Asia-Pacific to support inclusive economies and societies in the future.

This programme provides UK and internationally-based researchers at any career stage, and active in the humanities and social sciences, with the opportunity to submit proposals for in-depth studies focused on just decarbonisation transitions in the Asia-Pacific as a whole, and China, India, Japan and Australia specifically.


Climate change is the existential challenge of their time. Ensuring just transitions whilst tackling climate change and biodiversity loss is key to supporting inclusive economies and societies in the future. Evidence from the social sciences and humanities is critical to supporting just transitions and how they can shape a positive future locally, nationally and globally.
A just transition will seek to ensure the involvement of all relevant actors and that the benefits of decarbonisation are shared widely but also support those who stand to lose. Through this call, they are looking to support awards that engage in exploring the needs, impacts and implications of just transitions in diverse sectors, for diverse groups, that include diverse approaches to justice, and consider how to build capacities and capabilities for adaptation as well as mitigation.
This call focuses specifically on the action required in the Asia-Pacific to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss, to identify the potential disruption and opportunity of decarbonising economies and societies, and to recommend options and pathways for communities, workers, businesses, policymakers and the wider public.
Funding Information

Awards of five months in duration and up to £100,000 are available.
Funding can be used to support the time of the Principal Investigator and Co-Applicants; research assistance; travel, fieldwork and related expenses; and networking costs. Awards are offered on an 80% full economic costing basis.
Duration of award: Five months
They are keen to support research that examines how to apply Just Transition principles to decarbonisation in the Asia-Pacific region as a whole, and China, India, Australia and Japan specifically and they view this call as an opportunity to build an evidence base allowing us to answer the questions:

How the notion of just transition is being defined and implemented, in particular by and for whom, and how this may be being contested?
What are the challenges and pinch points socially, economically and politically that will need to be met for a just transition to take place in the Asia-Pacific, China, India, Australia and Japan?
How can this process be managed equitably, sustainably and in a socially just manner?
What are the options and pathways for communities, workers, businesses, policymakers and the wider public to manage the potential disruption and deliver the opportunities of a just transition in the Asia-Pacific?
Eligibility Criteria

The lead applicant must be a researcher from the humanities or social sciences and be based at an eligible UK university or research institute. The lead applicant must be of postdoctoral status or above (or have equivalent research experience) and their position must last at least the duration of the grant funded by the Academy.
Projects can involve up to three Co-Applicants and must include at least one named Co-Applicant who will be actively assisting in the direction and management of at least parts of the project. Collaboration between researchers in different institutions is encouraged where appropriate, and they expect to see Co-Applicants based in both the UK and regionally.
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