World Food Programme recruits 01 Conflict Sensitivity Officer

Wold Food Pogamm t 01 Conflt Sntvty Off (SSAP8/NOA)

Wold Food Pogamm

Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

Oppotnté d aè : Conltant : Conflt Sntvty Off(SSAP8/NOA) Daton: 3 month (127303) WFP k anddat of th hght ntgty and pofonalm who ha o hmantaan pnpl. Slton of taff mad on a ompttv a, and w a ommttd to pomotng dvty and gnd alan. ABOUT WFP Th Untd Naton Wold Food Pogamm th wold’ lagt hmantaan agny fghtng hng woldwd.  Th mon of WFP to hlp th wold ahv Zo Hng n o lftm.  Evy day, WFP wok woldwd to n that no hld go to d hngy and that th poot and mot vlnal, patlaly womn and hldn, an a th ntto food thy nd. ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEXT & JOB PURPOSE A th lagt hmantaan agny n th wold, WFP wll-known fo t alty to pond to and dlv atan to popl n nd, th n-knd o n th fom of ah-ad tanf (CBT), a wll a fo t apalt latd to dgtal dntty managmnt. WFP alo an nal of th oad hmantaan ytm, playng an atv ol n th Food Sty-, Logt- and Emgny Tlommnaton Clt and hotng th Untd Naton Hmantaan A Sv (UNHAS). WFP playng a pomnnt ol n th pon to th COVID-19 pandm, and alng p xtng ntvnton, adaptng modalt and tagt gop to th hangng ontxt, nldng a majo pvot fom al to an poplaton.Th a k that all th hang an lt n o ntvnton ng nadvtntly aght p n, and ontt to, tnon o onflt. Smlaly, t alo off nw oppotnt to ppot oal ohon, mtgaton and dton n tnon, a an mpotant ontton to pa. Analyng th pol k and oppotnt n a ytmat mann old nal WFP to mak mpotant nhanmnt and adjtmnt to opaton faltatng ffot to onflt ntv. To th nd, th Pa and Conflt Tam dvlopd a COVID 19 and onflt ntvty – Rapd Opatonal Conflt Rk and Pvnton Tool. Th tool am at povdng gdan to ndtak a onflt analy and oflt ntvty k amnt of COVID-19 pon opaton. Th tool ft otln mpotant k mgng fom COVID 19 and natonal pon to t, and ondly povd a mpl lt of ky qton to ppot opatonal taff n analyng how WFP pogammng an gt aght p n onflt. Th omplmntd y a tal why th k a aompand y pol mtgaton ma to ppot pogamm adjtmnt. Th Agnmnt Shot tm ppot oght to hlp WFP Zmaw to ollng ot th tool twn Oto and Dm 2020, fo a pod of aond 3 month.   Th analy wll nld two pha : Ft Pha :  oad dk vw of xtng data and pol pmay data ollton (dpndng on dntfd nfomaton gap), ldng on M&E and VAM (mot) data ollton po to add addtonal CS qton and/o mot KII. Th pha wll tak aond 1 month.  Sond Pha :  dp dv nto dntfd ntvnton, t wll nvolv addtonal mo dtald/pf dk vw (dpndng on mgng fom nfomaton gap dntfd n th ft pha) and pmay data ollton thogh KII, M&E and VAM po, FGD and ommnty mtng (COID 19 pvnton ma pmttng). Th pha wll tak aond 3 month. KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES (not all-nlv) Th Conflt Sntvty (CS) Off wll ponl fo ladng ond pha of th  oll ot/applaton of th tool to a t of COVID 19 pon ntvnton (to dfnd), ldng a tong ndtandng of onflt dynam and onflt ntvty k whh wll lad to nang th applaton of onflt-ntvty n WFP COVID 19 pon opaton. Spf tak nvolv: 1. Conflt Analy – Bldng on th ft pha, dntfy th nfomaton gap and a th ln of nqy y adaptng Conflt Sntvty and COVID 19 amnt famwok to th pf dntfd ontxt n Zmaw. Condt a dk – onday data vw and talh pf onflt analy gap, t ot a plan to fll tho gap. Condt analy a ndd (nldng mot fld lvl onltaton, KII, nlon of pf Q on M&E/VAM data ollton po t. a ndd, and FDG/mtng wth ommnt o n pon KII wh fal). Stt and domnt th analy n a fomat lvant to th nd of WFP Zmaw.2. Conflt Sntvty Amnt of Spf Intvnton – Bldng on th ft pha, a pol o atal onflt-latd k of th ntvnton, to dntfy not only how onflt an afft pogamm, t alo ally how pogamm an afft onflt o tnon. Pt fowad ommndaton fo dvlopng mtgaton ma n onjnton wth pogamm taff. Wh lvant, th nw, o plot oth famwok to analy onflt ntvty k ng dvlopd at HQ. 3. Montong – Povd ommndaton fo talhng montong mhanm to tak whth th mtgaton ma a fntonng a plannd, and f onflt k a matalzng. Th hold a lght toh a pol. 4. Capaty Bldng – Condt on-th-jo aompanmnt to ppot apaty dvlopmnt fo CO taff n onflt ntvty.   KEY DELIVERABLES By th nd of th 3 month onltany, and ldng on th ft pha pot:- 1. Dlv a pot dng onflt dv and dynam, nt and pomng Conflt Sntvty Rk,2. Conflt Sntvty mhanm n pla,3. Idntfy oppotnt fo onttng to pa4. Mak fnal ommndaton on how to t p CS k mtgaton ma and mpov polt to ontt to pa.5. (Otln of th pot to fth dd wth th CO and HQ). STANDARD MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Edaton :  Advand aadm dg n ntnatonal laton, dvlopmnt td, onflt td, o anoth lvant dpln Expn:  At lat fv (5) ya of pofonal xpn povdng thnal ppot to ntgat onflt ntvty and tt paldng pat nto pogamm. • Expn n ntgatng onflt ntvty nto oth hmantaan and dvlopmnt pogammng.• Expn n dgn and omplton of onflt analy.• Expn n apaty ldng (tanng, aompanymnt) Langag(): Stong wttn and pokn Englh kll a qd.  Wokng knowldg of loal langag an addd advantag.  DESIRED EXPERIENCES FOR ENTRY INTO THE ROLE Thnal Skll & Knowldg Ental 1. Commtmnt to WFP’ mon and val2. Stong analytal kll3. Stong ommnaton kll4. Stong nflnng and ntwokng kll5. Alty to wok ndpndntly nd mnmal pvon6. Pofny n Wndow MS off (Wod, PowPont, Exl, Otlook)7. Thnal tanng n aa that a dtly o ndtly lvant to paldng and/o onflt-ntvty Wokng aangmnt :  Th onltant wll tavl to th fld a qd. TERMS AND CONDITIONS• Qalfd anddat a qtd to mt th applaton va E- Rtmnt  attahng a gnd applaton ltt, a Clm Vta and a gnd Ponal Htoy Fom (P11) avalal at  http://www.non.og/do/P11 • Only hot-ltd anddat wll ontatd fo th tmnt po.• Inomplt applaton wll dqalfd.• Pla not that only applant who a hot-ltd at ah tag wll ontatd;• Th poton a opn ONLY to natonal of Zmaw;• All applaton hold mttd onln thogh th E-tmnt. Applaton vd thogh any oth avn wll not aptd.• Qalfd and xpnd Fmal anddat a pally noagd to apply. NB:  WFP DOES NOT CHARGE ANY FEES AT ANY STAGE OF THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS (APPLICATION, INTERVIEW MEETING, PROCESSING, TRAINING AND OTHER PROCESSES). DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS 17 OCTOBER 2020 Fmal applant who a qalfd a pally noagd to apply WFP ha zo tolan fo dmnaton and do not dmnat on th a of HIV/AIDS tat. No appontmnt nd any knd of ontat wll offd to mm of th UN Advoy Commtt on Admntatv and Bdgtay Qton (ACABQ), Intnatonal Cvl Sv Common (ICSC), FAO Fnan Commtt, WFP Extnal Adto, WFP Adt Commtt, Jont Inpton Unt (JIU) and oth mla od wthn th Untd Naton ytm wth ovght ponlt ov WFP, oth dng th v and wthn th ya of ang that v. POSTULER

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