2020 Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants Program: Round 2

2020 Atalan Cltal Dplomay Gant Pogam: Rond 2

Dadln: 16-Ot-20

Th Dpatmnt of Fogn Affa and Tad (DFAT) kng applaton fo t Atalan Cltal Dplomay Gant Pogam (ACDGP) ond-2 that wll advan Atala’ ntnatonal tatg, ty and onom ntt nldng thogh latal, gonal and mltlatal ngagmnt on Atalan Govnmnt fogn, tad and ntnatonal dvlopmnt poly pot.

Sd Gant Th ky am of ltal dplomay tand ppofl ngagmnt to pomot Atala’ ltal and atv ndt ova; to talh ntwok; and ppot ongong ollaoaton and xhang.

Fndng avalal fo pojt that:

at a potv and ontmpoay mag of Atala; ld popl-to-popl lnk; tngthn ngagmnt; nhan makt and dvlop xpot oppotnt, patlaly n th Indo-Paf gon. Ojtv

ppot th onom and oal ovy ffot of th Atalan atv ndty to and ommnt advly afftd y th COVID-19 pandm and/o th 2019-2020 hf; pomot Atala’ onom, att and ltal at to an ntnatonal adn; nfln ppton of Atala at hom and aoad; ld popl-to-popl and /o ntttonal lnk ntnatonally; lvag xtng patnhp and fot ngagmnt wth ky takhold n ln wth DFAT’ 2017 Fogn Poly Wht Pap. Fndng Infomaton

Th mnmm gant amont $10,000. Th maxmm gant amont $60,000. Elgl xpndt

Yo an only pnd th gant on lgl xpndt yo hav nd on lgl gant atvt o agd pojt atvt. Elgl xpndt tm a:

onomy flght; modt aommodaton ot; mal and tavl allowan; gond tanpot; att/pfom f; fght ot; vn h; atng; advtng and pomoton; gaph dgn; photogaphy; pntd matal. What th gant mony annot d fo?

Yo annot th gant fo th followng atvt:

pha of land; wag (nldng fo ah atant o admntatv taff); majo aptal xpndt; pha of qpmnt (fo xampl, mal ntmnt, IT qpmnt, photogaph o pntng qpmnt); th ovng of toptv ot; ot nd n th ppaaton of a gant applaton o latd domntaton; dy of gnal ongong admntaton of an oganaton h a ltty, phon and nt majo ontton/aptal wok; atvt fo whh oth Commonwalth, tat, ttoy o loal govnmnt od hav pmay ponlty; atvt ndtakn y pmay hool, nldng tdy to, wh tavl y a gnfant nm of tdnt th pnpal lmnt of th pogam; holahp to ndvdal tdnt. Otom

na pl awan of Atala’ onom, att and ltal at n th hot ont; dvlop ndng patnhp n th atv to n th latal, gonal and gloal ontxt twn Atalan nttton and tho n th hot ont; na Atala’ apaty to fftvly ngag wth th hot ont, pally n th at and atv to. Elglty Cta

To lgl applant mt:

hav an Atalan Bn Nm (ABN); gtd fo th ppo of GST; a pmannt dnt of Atala. hav an aont wth an Atalan fnanal nttton and on of th followng ntty typ: a ompany nopoatd n Atala; a ompany nopoatd y gaant; an nopoatd tt on half of a tt; an nopoatd aoaton; a patnhp; a jont (onota) applaton wth a lad oganaton; a gtd haty o not-fo-poft oganaton; an ndvdal; an Atalan loal govnmnt ody; an Atalan tat o ttoy govnmnt ody; an Aognal and/o To Stat Iland Copoaton gtd nd th Copoaton (Aognal and /o To Stat Iland) At 2006. Applant a not lgl to apply f thy a: not an Atalan tzn, a pmannt dnt of Atala o an Atalan oganaton; a pvo applant who ha fald to povd a fll and pop aqttal of an al ACDGP gant. If yo applaton fl, thy may ak yo to vfy pojt ot that yo povdd n yo applaton. Yo may nd to povd vdn h a qot fo majo ot. Not all xpndt on yo gant atvty may lgl fo gant fndng. Th Pogam Dlgat mak th fnal don on what lgl xpndt and may gv addtonal gdan on lgl xpndt f qd.Yo mt n th xpndt on yo gant atvt o pojt/v twn th tat dat and nd o omplton dat fo yo gant atvty/gant agmnt fo t to lgl.

Slton po

Amnt of gant applaton Thy vw yo applaton agant th lglty ta. If lgl, thy wll thn a yo applaton agant th amnt ta and agant oth applaton. Thy ond yo applaton on t mt, ad on: how wll t mt th ta; how t ompa to oth applaton; whth t povd val wth lvant mony. Whn ang th xtnt to whh th applaton pnt val wth lvant mony, thy wll hav gad to:

th ovall ojtv/ to ahvd n povdng th gant; th latv val of th gant oght; xtnt to whh th gogaph loaton of th applaton math dntfd pot; th xtnt to whh th vdn n th applaton dmontat that t wll ontt to mtng th otom/ojtv; how th gant atvt wll tagt gop o ndvdal. Fo mo nfomaton, vt http://www.dfat.gov.a/popl-to-popl/pl-dplomay/adgp/atalan-ltal-gant-pogam

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