ACF recruits 01 Psychologist


Th a hghly dynam ol, pally n lght of th mot nt dvlopmnt n Rakhn Stat of Myanma, wh ACF ha n mplmntng t lagt poton of th mon potfolo. ACF ha a long-tandng pn n Myanma a on of th ky ntton ato, pally n Rakhn Stat. In oth pat of th onty, ACF k to xpand t pogammng nto mo MHCP fod ntvnton and long-tm pogam and n vw of th nw ntt of th Mnty of Halth n MHCP, th an oppotnty fo thnal ppot. Th q th anddat to omfotal wokng ao th hmantaan-dvlopmnt ptm, takng a poatv appoah to dntfyng pogam nd, ontant, and dvlopmnt oppotnt.

Th poton:

Und th pvon of th Dpty Conty Dto, yo wll ponl to dfn, pv, and oodnat mntal halth, a pat, gnd and potton pogam, and tatg. To gaant th qalty, lvan, and alng of th MHCPGP tatgy and ntvnton on th mon, ptng ACF and ntnatonal tandad and natonal pol

Mo ply, yo wll n hag of:

To ontt to th dfnton of th onty tatgy, and dfnton of th tatgy and potonng of th MHCPGP thnal dpatmnt To oodnat th dntfaton of nd and fomlaton of pojt popoal To ppot mplmntaton and ay ot potng on pogam/pojt To gaant th qalty and aontalty of th pojt To n th atv nvolvmnt of ACF n th natonal toal oodnaton, th thnal platfom and dvlop toal patnhp To manag th tam To pomot aptalzaton, dvlopmnt, thnology, and ah n th MHCPGP dpatmnt Gaant and n th onfdntalty of data olltd dng th MHCPGP atvt of th mon Sppot gnd and potton mantamng fo all to

Th manag wod :

Th a hghly dynam ol, pally n lght of th hallngng ontxt n Rakhn Stat.  ACF’ MHCPGP pogam ntly pnt n NRS and CRS and ha a long-tandng pn n Myanma.  ACF’ MHCPGP Had of Dpatmnt hold xpt to patpat n th Potton Clt and th Potton Clt’ wokng gop, nldng MHPSS, GBV, and CP.  ACF ha n a tong mm of th MHPSS wokng gop. ACF’ MHCPGP pogam vy mh ntgatd wth th Ntton and Halth pogam and ACF alo on of th ky ntton ato n Rakhn Stat. ACF ontn to k oppotnt to xpand t pogammng nto oth aa/tat wthn Myanma. 

In lght of COVID-19, anddat hold hav an ndtandng of mot managmnt and dmontat matty n tm of t.

Expén / Fomaton

Yo hold a mat dg n pyhology o pyhaty, and dmontat oth fl lnal and hmantaan fld xpn n mntal halth and a pat n a mla poton.

Yo hav xpn n pojt managmnt and apaty ldng/ytm tngthnng. Yo hav xpn n tam managmnt dally alo wth mot managmnt. Yo hav a lvant mgny o dvlopmnt xpn n a hmantaan ontxt. Expn wokng n ollaoaton wth th Ntton/Halth, FSL and WASH to an at.

Exllnt Englh pokn and wttn qd


Contat :  12 month fxd tm ontat nd Fnh lglaton

Statng dat: 9th of Dm 2020

Condton fo Fnh Contat:

Monthly go alay fom 2450 to 2800 € pon xpn P dm and lvng allowan: 432€ nt, fld pad. + 150€ of monthly go alay a onty allowan. + 16% of monthly go alay a mmnt of tmnt nan fo th non-Fnh tzn. + Chld allowan lmtd to 4 hldn.

Tanpotaton and aommodaton :

Covag of tanpotaton ot to and n th mon. Indvdal oom n th gtho ovd

Mdal ovag: 100% ovag of mdal xpn + pataton nan.

Lav and RnR:

25 day of pad lav p ya. + 20 RnR p ya. + 215 € at ah RnR pod (avagly vy 12 wk). Covag of th tanpotaton xpn to th Rn R aa of fn


F and nlmtd a to th tfyng -lanng platfom Coknowldg ©. Thnal tanng at HQ o gonal lvl (avagly 1 p ya). Intmon Wokhop on a ya. Patpaton n xtnal tanng ot pon lglty of th qt.

Commnt potl

ACF ommttd to popl wth dalt and atvly fght agant all fom of dmnaton.

To apply, pla vt o Ca Wt:


Jon on :

LnkdIn :

Faook : 

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