Action Against Hunger recruits 01 Grant and reporting manager

Aton Agant Hng t 01 Gant and potng manag – IRAQ
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Aton Agant Hng ha n opatng n Iaq n 2013, followng th ddn mav nflx of fg flng th Syan . Th mltpl offnv of ISIS hav ad th dplamnt of mo than th mllon popl ao th onty. In th mm of 2014, attak on Mol and th Snja gon phd hndd of thoand of popl nto Iaq Kdtan. ACF ha n n mplmntng t hmantaan pon wth an ntgatd, mlt-toal appoah, addng WASH, Mntal Halth & Ca Pat, Food Sty & Lvlhood amongt th Iaq Intnally Dplad Pon (IDP) n amp and non-amp ttng, a wll a tn and hot ommnt. In 2019, ACF wllng to ontn th hmantaan ntvnton n th aa tll pntng gnt nd t alo fong on pot-mgny / ovy ntvnton. O tam nnng opaton of appoxmatvly 9 mllon o. Th man dono of th mon a OFDA, EU thogh MADAD, GIZ, AFD, WFP, SDC and ACF.

Th mon ntly mploy 17 ntnatonal and 106 natonal taff, wokng fom th oodnaton off n El, fld off n Mol, Dohk and Baghdad, a wll a a fld -off n Snn. ACF ntndng to xpand oth of Nnwa to add th hmantaan nd of th poplaton.

El th aptal and lagt ty of th Kdtan Rgon of Iaq. It loatd appoxmatly 350 klomt noth of Baghdad. Th taton man tal. Th a 3 gtho wth gnally good lvng ondton fo xpatat. Fdom of movmnt and many oal oppotnt xt.


A a ky mm of th oodnaton tam, yo wll ppot and follow p th ovall dono’* atvt and laoaton of dono’ domnt (popoal, ontat’ managmnt and pot). Yo wll ontt to th dvlopmnt of th mon’ pogammat tatgy and n an appopat and qalty ntnal potng.

Yo wll dtly pvd y th Dpty Conty Dto fo Pogam and wll wok n lo ollaoaton wth th Pogamm and Sppot tam.

Yo man ponlt a:

Contt to th mplmntaton of th mon dono’ tatgy n oodnaton wth th Dpty Conty Dto (DCD) and th Fld Coodnato (FC)

Sppot th popt ah on dono to valat gant oppotnt At wth oth fndang pojt a qtd Commnaton and tanng aot fndng oppotnt to th Had of Dpatmnt (HoD), FC and Pogam Manag (PM)

Sppot th dvlopmnt of th mon’ gant and pogammat tatgy

Coodnat onpt not/popoal wtng, nvolvng th Pogamm and Sppot tam Shang to-plannng fo popoal dvlopmnt, and lo follow-p wth tam Povdng ppot to HoD on th onpt not/popoal wtng

Sppot th laoaton of dono potng domnt and ontat montong

Povd ppot to th HoD and PM to daft dono potng domnt Conoldat, hand-on vwng and fnalz dono’ pot (vfyng th ovall ohn wth popoal and pvo pot) Ppang th fnal pakag fo dono’ pot fo mon (at mon o HQ lvl)

*Gant managmnt fom dono nld OFDA, GAC, EUTF, SDC, GIZ and WFP

Rqtd pofl

Yo hav a gadat dg n ntnatonal laton, pojt managmnt, oo-onom, o qvalnt.

Yo hav a mnmm of 3 ya of pofonal xpn n a mla poton (gant managmnt n INGO, wtng popoal, dono potfolo, pogam tam ppot oth n Hmantaan and dvlopmnt ontxt)

Yo had a povn n dgnng, mplmntng and opatng MEAL famwok and xpn n apaty ldng.

Yo a flxl and tam-ontd al to handl ntn wok p, tght dadln and ad ho dmand.

Yo a ognzd fo yo xllnt dplomay, oganzatonal, ommnaton and analytal kll, yo hav alo dvlopd good tam managmnt kll.

Pojt managmnt yl mpatv.

Flny n Fnh and Englh (wttn and pokn) ntal.

Spf ondton / Salay

Contat: fxd tm ontat nd Fnh lglaton

Condton fo Fnh Contat:

Monthly go alay fom 2 010€ to 2 335€ pon xpn P dm and lvng allowan: 278€ + 176€ nt, fld pad. + 150€ of monthly go alay a onty allowan. + 16% of monthly go alay a mmnt of tmnt nan fo non-Fnh tzn. + Chld allowan, lmtd to 5 hldn.

Tanpotaton and aommodaton:

Covag of tanpotaton ot to and n th mon. Indvdal oom n gtho ovd

Mdal ovag: 100% ovag of mdal xpn + pataton nan.

Lav and RnR:

25 day of pad lav p ya. + 20 RnR p ya. + 215 € at ah RnR pod (avagly vy 12 wk). Covag of th tanpotaton xpn to th RnR aa of fn


F and nlmtd a to th tfyng -lanng platfom Coknowldg ©.

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