Call to implement High-Touch High-Tech Pilot in Junior Secondary Schools in Indonesia

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Call to implement High-Touch High-Tech Pilot in Junior Secondary Schools in Indonesia

Deadline: 3-Dec-21

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has launched the applications to implement the High-Touch High-Tech Pilot in Junior Secondary Schools in Indonesia.

Technology can help address this constraint. Recent evidence shows that personalized technology-aided instruction programs yield large absolute learning gains for all students, with greater relative gains for academically weaker students.

More importantly, such programs can cover the whole distribution of students’ initial skills. With technology’s help to develop their students’ foundational skills, teachers can have time to help students develop their higher-order skills.

The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), in partnership with the MoECRT, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and Tanoto Foundation, has engaged an education technology (EdTech) company and education research organizations as consultants for designing and contextualizing HTHT interventions since 2021.

A recent development in technology-aided differentiated teaching is the high-touch high-tech (HTHT) approach. The HTHT approach is comprised of two components:

High-tech approach to equip students with foundational skills. In this component, students interact directly with a computer software. The software assists teachers in teaching foundational skills in two ways:
teach to the whole distribution of foundational skills;
reduce the amount of time needed by teachers to teach foundational skills by providing test results, diagnostics, and learning modules.
High-touch approach to equip students with higher order skills. Since teaching these skills require a close interaction between teachers and students, this component is comprised of a series of training to teachers to implement high-touch teaching.
Scope of Work
The main goal of this consultancy is to implement the HTHT interventions in selected schools. Though teachers will receive the HTHT training as one package, the consultant will be in charge of delivering the High-Touch training and managing the overall HTHT intervention implementation. On the other hand, an EdTech company will deliver the High-Tech training and the High-Tech implementation in close collaboration with the consultant.
The scope of work for this consultancy is as follows:
Develop a pool of skilled trainers
Implement teacher training
Provide continuous support for teachers and schools
Project management and administration
Dissemination events
ADBI will review each deliverable. Feedback, if any, will be provided within one week of submission.
An overall work plan for this assignment with necessary approval/clearance specified.
For SoW 1:
Report on the training of trainers, assignments of trainers, justifications, and assessment results.
Training schedule (for all training modules) including session topics, delivery modes, and the assignments of trainers and schools/teachers (cohort).
For SoW 2 and 3:
Report on all training or refresher sessions conducted. The report must be a maximum of five pages and must be submitted within 2 weeks after the training or refresher is conducted. The content will be determined together with ADBI on a later date.
For SoW 4:
Submit monthly progress brief, which describes the implementation of the interventions (High-Tech and High-Touch combined), issues, and solutions. A progress brief of a particular month is due in the first week of the following month. The progress brief can be in bullet-point format and submitted through email.
Inventory report on facilities and equipment for HTHT interventions.
For SoW 5:
Report for each event conducted. The report must be a maximum of five pages. The outline of the report will be determined later. The report must be submitted a maximum of 1 month after the event is conducted.
Selection Criteria
Submitted proposals will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Extensive experience in conducting teacher training in Indonesia
Experience in implementing education interventions in public primary or junior secondary schools
Experience in successfully managing complex multi-year programs
Experience in working with donor agencies, international organizations, or charitable foundations
Experience in working closely, establishing, and maintaining productive relationships with government officials and/or employees
Track record, skills, and experience of the task leader and team members with regards to:
program management, and;
implementing complex interventions
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