DAI recruits 01 Senior Economist/Financial PPP Expert

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DAI recruits 01 Senior Economist/Financial PPP Expert


The creation of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Cooperation (MEPC) coincides with the implementation of the second Priority Action Plan (PAP 2) of the Plan Senegal Emergent (PSE). The President of the Republic wanted to put in place a strategic mechanism to transform the Senegalese economy by backing it up with planning, dynamic economic and financial cooperation and strategic partnerships to promote a competitive local private sector in a world-class business environment.

The goal is to strengthen the dynamics of capital inflow in Senegal, through the establishment of new institutional mechanisms compatible with the requirements of accelerating economic growth, reducing poverty and allowing the creation of a critical mass of jobs as stated in axis 1 of the PSE.

Faced with the need for significant investments in a context of limited budgetary capacities, the MEPC (in charge of PPPs) is responsible for using innovative financing, such as PPPs, to support sector line ministries or any other public institutions. Thus, one of the MEPC’s missions is to implement an ambitious program to reform and revive the PPP program in Senegal. To this end, a Directorate of Financing and PPPs (DFPPP) has been set up within the MEPC’s Directorate General of Cooperation, External Financing, Private Sector Development and Partnerships.

The main mission of the DFPPP is to provide strategic leadership to facilitate, promote and support the design and implementation of PPPs, particularly in the context of the implementation of projects included in the Plan Sénégal Émergent (PSE). It participates in the development of government policy and the dissemination of best practices in designing, implementation and management PPP projects. Thus, the DFPPP initiated the reform of the legal framework for PPPs, which led to the adoption of Law No. 2021-23 of March 2, 2021 on public-private partnership (PPP) contracts, with the objective of promoting better implementation of PPP projects and more significant participation of the national private sector. This reform, which created the expert body UNAPP (Unité Nationale d’Appui aux PPP) within MEPC, provides the DFPPP with a dedicated instrument to better advise and assist public sector organizations in the identification, structuring or implementation of PPP projects.

In order to strengthen the capacity of the DFPPP to achieve its missions, the MEPC is recruiting a senior economist/financial PPP expert.


The objective is to provide the DFPPP with a senior economist/financial PPP expert who can adequately and punctually carry out the missions related to the project preparation, concession and implementation phases.

Missions of the senior economist/financial PPP expert

The main tasks of the senior economist/financial PPP expert are as follows:

  • Provide the DFPPP with financial expertise to support the contracting authorities during the project phases (preparation and procurement).
  • Contribute to the design, structuring and evaluation of PPP and other innovative projects;
  • Assist contracting authorities in determining the appropriate financing structure and financial sources;
  • Assist authorities in the review and negotiation of partnership or financing agreements;
  • Assist contracting authorities in the due diligence of PPP projects, including economic and financial aspects;
  • Contribute to the development of sustainability and transition plans by documenting best practices and lessons learned related to the economic and financial standards of PPP projects;
  • Strengthen the capacities of the DFPPP collaborators and the focal points of the sector line ministries through coaching activities, and even training;
  • Assist the UNAPPP in providing advice requested by the contracting authorities;
  • Assist the DFPPP in providing advice on requests from the MEPC;
  • Participate in MEPC cross-cutting initiatives requiring a contribution from the DFPPP;
  • Provide expertise in the development or review of standard files to facilitate the processing of PPP projects;
  • Develop guidelines, procedures and criteria for the evaluation of PPP projects, taking into account the specificities of the sector;
  • Provide advice in the development of strategies, policies, procedures and programs related to PPPs;
  • Assist in the preparation of periodic reports on PPP projects ;
  • Monitor the progress of identified PPP projects ;
  • Support staff in application of PPP best practices in the preparation and Implementing phases, by clearly articulating the issues and policies inherent to each sector.
  • Profile expected services from the senior economist/financial PPP expert


  • Higher education degree: Master’s level (Bac+5) minimum in finance, economics, management, business administration or any other field relevant to the mission;
  • General professional experience of at least 10 years in leading, assisting, advising governments and/or private partners in the structuring and implementation of PPP projects;
  • Have conducted or contributed to at least 3 economic and financial modeling studies of PPP projects in the last 10 years;
  • Have a thorough knowledge of international best practices and guidelines for PPP financing, including those recommended by international organizations and international financial partners;
  • Good knowledge of the local context is an advantage;
  • Have carried out or contributed to the structuring and closing of at least 3 PPP projects in the last 10 years;
  • Have at least 5 years of proven experience in developing, structuring and financing PPP projects preferably in developing countries, including a position in a PPP unit or development institution;
  • Good knowledge of the role of the private sector in public service delivery in developing countries;
  • Specific experience in project unit management and implementation procedures;
  • Excellent negotiation and contracting skills;
  • Excellent ability to deal with risks in PPPs.
  • Fluency in both French and English, with strong writing and communication skills in both languages.
  • Expected services
  • Economic and financial evaluation of PPP projects;
  • Modeling and financial structuring of submitted PPP projects;
  • Assistance in the financial closing of projects;
  • Elaboration of quarterly reports on the implementation of activities by highlighting good practices and lessons learned to be perpetuated relating to the economic and financial aspects of PPP projects;
  • Coaching sessions for DFPPP staff and its public and private partners.


Candidates are invited to send, their application no later than February 5, 2022 at 00:00 pm (Dakar time) by email to:  [email protected]

Each candidate is requested to indicate his/her first name, last name and number of years of experience in the subject line of the email. The application must include the following three (3) documents in PDF format: a CV, a cover letter and a copy of an ID.

Selected candidates will be contacted by email or telephone for an interview.

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