IQRA Bilingual Academy recruits 01 Head of Pre-school

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IQRA Bilingual Academy recruits 01 Head of Pre-school

Salaire xxx/ mois
Localisation Dakar / Sénégal
Type contrat CDD
Expiration 20 Avril 2021
Offre visitée

Description de l’offre

Head of Pre-school
• Dakar, Sénégal
• Administration
• Enseignement & Formation

IQRA Bilingual Academy
IQRA Bilingual Academy recruits a Head of Pre-school.

IQRA Bilingual Academy is an accredited Pre-K thru High School Islamic-centered international school.
The Preschool provides an appropriate learning experience for children between 6 months and five years of age.
The goal of the Preschool is to provide experiences that stimulate the child’s interest in Allah’s world – to provide an environment where each child can develop his or her physical, emotional, mental and social capabilities to his or her full potential, with an emphasis on cognitive development and communication skills.
Working collaboratively with the Board of Directors, Directly, Deputy Director, Preschool parents (and other Staff and Committees), the Director leads the Preschool Staff in operating the Preschool, fosters Preschool Staff development, and carries out the Preschool’s mission. The Head of the Pre-school reports to the Director and receives a written performance review from the Deputy Director s on an annual basis.

Basic Duties And Responsibilities
Plan, organize, direct, manage, and supervise programs for preschool-age children and facilitate positive relations among Preschool Staff and Parents.
This position requires strong supervisory, leadership, and communication skills along with a warm and nurturing disposition.
Must be able to work positively within a parent-participation school environment and promote an atmosphere of community and cooperation among all interested parties.

Program Development
• Maintain develop or modify curriculum to meet the needs of children enrolled in the Preschool and remain current with developments in the field and Common Core requirements and standards. Develop long term plans to facilitate the growth of the Preschool.
• Establish and support a curriculum that embraces the school’s Islamic beliefs
• In conjunction with the Board of Director help establish necessary policies procedures or rules pertaining to the operation of the Preschool (consistent with the Parent/Student Handbook.)
Staff Supervision/Employee Relations:
• Have knowledge of developmentally appropriate curriculum, interactions and environments. Administer, plan and evaluate activities and lesson plans that promote developmentally-appropriate learning.
• Lead and assist the Preschool Staff in the establishment and operation of the preschool, including day to day operations and special events.
• Train and supervise the Preschool Staff by holding regular meetings, mediating minor disagreements, and assisting staff when necessary.
• Plan, organize, coordinate, and promote professional development, training, and staff meetings.
• Regularly monitor staff performance and provide coaching or mentoring for performance improvement and development. Provide day-to-day leadership and work with staff to ensure high performance and to promote a positive employee relations environment.
• Evaluate Preschool Staff performance for submission to the Director for their review.
• Arrange for substitute help in the event of absence for all Preschool Staff ensuring that substitutes are certified to serve in the capacity.
• Assist the Director in the recruitment to fill Preschool Staff vacancies and make hiring recommendations to the Preschool Board of Directors.

• Primary responsibility for handling day-to-day administration of the Preschool (subject to the Parent/Student Handbook), including the assignment of Preschool Staff responsibilities (as stated in their job descriptions), and utilization of office/classroom space and resources.
• Serve as the primary point of contact with all governmental and regulatory bodies in connection with the Preschool.
• Plan and implement health and safety programs including universal health precautions, emergency procedures, and facility and equipment safety.
• Establish enrollment processes that ensure children are enrolled efficiently, acclimated smoothly into their classroom, and monitored to ensure success.
• Manage all aspects of student admissions by maintaining accurate records of students, including the appropriate health history, immunizations, allergies, and limitations of each child. Ensures that all student files are complete and kept private from the general public.
• Maintain attendance records of each student.
• Maintain necessary records for staff
• Keep and maintain full and complete records pertaining to the administration and operation of the Preschool.
• Send appropriate information to other schools on request
• Update Registration, release forms, drop-off forms, student handbook, etc, before
registration time and orientation.

Safety Of Building
• Make sure building complies with hygiene regulations and building codes.
• Do safety checks around the building. Note hazards and items that need attention (address
these issues with the janitor and Pastor).
• Purchase equipment, supplies and materials as needed and as approved in budget.

Communication And Leadership
• Develop a strong rapport with the Director, Staff, and Committees, as applicable by attending planned and ad hoc meetings (as required), presenting monthly reports to the Board of Directors on Preschool operations (to include budgetary information), and responding to requests for information in a timely manner.
• Communicate effectively with Preschool parents and staff, prospective families in order to promote understanding and support of the Preschool’s programs. Encourage feedback regarding Preschool programs and activities.
To apply, send your CV and cover letter by email to  [email protected]
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