Canada: Youth in culture pilot Grant Program

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Canada: Youth in culture pilot Grant Program

Deadline: 15-Sep-21

Applications are now invited for Youth in culture pilot Grant Program to support the development of youth aged 18 to 30 towards professional careers in arts, heritage or culture.


To support the development of youth aged 18 to 30 towards professional careers in arts, heritage or culture
To empower youth to identify needs and gaps in their career development, and support their initiatives
To provide direct funding to youth aged 18 to 30
To support activities that address the priorities

The Cultural Funding Support Unit will look at prioritizing applications from the following Indigenous and equity-seeking communities:

Algonquin Anishinabe Host Nation
First Nations
People Living in Poverty
People of Colour
People with Visible and Invisible Disabilities
Deaf People
Rural Residents
Seniors/Older Adults
Funding Information

The City will provide funding to a maximum of $1,000

Eligible Projects

You must demonstrate that your project furthers your professional career in the arts, heritage or cultural sectors.
This program is intended to provide you with an artist fee and/or cover project/living expenses relating to:
creation and production: research, creation, production, and presentation projects relating to arts, heritage, or culture
training: masterclasses, workshops, residencies and other training opportunities in the arts, heritage, cultural festival or agricultural fair sectors (including administration and/or management training)
mentorship: opportunities for youth to work with mentors within the arts, heritage, festivals and fairs sectors. Mentors include established cultural workers, professional artists, or elders/knowledge keepers including administration and/or management training
Examples of eligible projects:

Creation projects
To complete a series of paintings
To produce a play
To conduct genealogy and/or historical research
To create your traditional dance regalia
Training projects
To cover expenses, including travel, related to taking a masterclass
To provide you with an artist/administrator fee during an unpaid internship with an arts, heritage, or cultural organization, including festivals and fairs
To take a course in a First Nations, Inuit, or Metis language
Mentorship projects
To receive mentorship from an elder in beadwork
To workshop with an established storyteller
To work with a recognized knowledge keeper on a language preservation project
Eligibility Criteria

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be between the ages of 18 and 30
be an Ottawa resident, or be Algonquin Anishinabe and living within 150 km radius of Ottawa
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