Public Call offering grant to support Investments in Rural Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Public Call offering grant to support Investments in Rural Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Deadline: 21-Dec-20

The European Union EU4AGRI project has announced a public call worth 2.55 million KM to support investments in rural tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim of developing economic activities in rural areas, creating new and preserving existing jobs, and preserving natural and cultural heritage. and the need to recover from the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Only partnerships consisting of the applicant and a minimum of three partners can apply for the public call. The applicant may be a unit of local self-government, a company or a craft engaged in the provision of tourist services and / or products.


The general objectives of this support measure are defined as follows:
Increasing the degree of diversification and development of economic activities in rural areas through the development of business activities, with the possibility of creating new jobs and direct introduction of household and household income;
Achieving sustainable development and improving the quality of life in rural areas and consequently, contributing to reducing depopulation of rural areas;
Better connection of actors in rural tourism and improvement and promotion of the tourist offer of rural areas and placement of domestic products through the tourist offer;
Preservation of natural and cultural heritage of rural areas.
Following the above, the EU4AGRI project through the implementation of measures to support investment in rural tourism expects to achieve the following specific objectives:
Developing the capacity of agricultural holdings to engage in agritourism;
Development and increase of capacity of tourist facilities and quality of catering services as part of diversification of incomes of agricultural producers and other economic entities in rural areas;
Development of rural tourism based on the principles of economic, environmental and social sustainability;
Increasing revenues in rural tourism through a larger, higher quality and more comprehensive range of services;
Valorization of natural, historical and cultural heritage of rural areas of BiH;
Creating new employment opportunities through the development of rural tourism as well as preserving existing jobs;
Importing various products and services from the tourism, agriculture and food sectors into new commercial packages;
Development of tourist and recreational activities, especially for family and children’s tourism.
Funding Information

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Each applicant can apply for a grant in the amount of 20,000 KM to 200,000 KM (excluding VAT) depending on the number of members in the partnership. For each investment, the applicant and partners must provide their own co-financing in the amount of at least 15% of the total amount of the investment.
Eligibility Criteria

The application is submitted exclusively in a partnership consisting of:

The applicant; and
A minimum of three (3) partners;
The eligible applicant is the legal entity that is the applicant and is responsible for the implementation of the project, including financial obligations;
The applicant may submit only one application to this public call and only in partnership. The partners cannot be the applicants, but they are beneficiaries of the project (financial resources) as is the applicant. 1st partners cannot appear in several different project proposals.
An eligible applicant may be one of the following entities:
Undertakings (in the range of micro or small enterprises) engaged in the provision of tourist services / products, and are registered in accordance with the valid classification in BiH,
Crafts (including commercial agricultural holdings registered as trades or sole proprietors) engaged in the provision of tourist services /products, and registered in accordance with the current classification in BiH,
Local self-government units (LGUs) (including local organizations of 1LS or owned by LGUs or organizations established by LGUs dealing with tourism or rural development such as local or regional development agencies, tourism organizations, etc.) , or public institutions and organizations that manage protected natural areas in BiH.
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