USAID Grant Program to address Poverty, Food Insecurity, and Malnutrition in Mozambique

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USAID Grant Program to address Poverty, Food Insecurity, and Malnutrition in Mozambique

Deadline: 19-Oct-21

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is seeking applications for a Cooperative Agreement from qualified entities to implement the USAID Feed The Future (FTF): Integrated Resilience in Nutrition & Agriculture (RESINA) Grant Program to support beneficiaries to recover and pursue pathways out of poverty and take part in inclusive and sustained economic and social growth in Nampula and Zambezia Provinces.

The Feed the Future (FTF) Integrated Resilience in Nutrition & Agriculture (RESINA)Activity will address the key drivers of chronic poverty, food insecurity, and malnutrition by strengthening the resilience capacities of targeted vulnerable communities and systems to absorb, adapt to, and transform in the face of shocks and stresses. The program will support beneficiaries to recover and pursue pathways out of poverty and take part in inclusive and sustained economic and social growth.

It will support the development of food systems and contribute to sustaining the productivity of the agricultural sector through targeted interventions to male and female producers that include improving the nutrient quality, dietary diversity, and safety of food supply across agriculture value chains.

The Activity will combine agriculture, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and nutrition funding to address programmatic gaps and approaches in building the resilience of vulnerable households and communities in the target zone.FTF RESINA is designed to achieve this objective through inclusive approaches to increase productivity of farm and food systems; foster diversification of household income; and layer, sequence and integrate food security, sustainable water, and positive nutrition interventions with those of the RFSA program.

The activity will work in collaboration with the Feed the Future: Promoting Innovative and Resilient Agriculture Market Systems Activity to facilitate linkages and share risks with the private sector to open market and employment opportunities for vulnerable households. Together, the target populations will have improved access, availability, and utilization of food, and diversified incomes through agriculture and other livelihood pathways.


The Goal of FTF RESINA is to Increase resilience of smallholder farmers and rural households in selected districts of Zambezia and Nampula provinces. It aims to achieve this through three Intermediate Results (IR):
Increased Household Food Security;
Improved Management of Productive Natural Resources; and
Improved nutrition outcomes of women, adolescent girls, and young children
Funding Information

Estimated Total Program Funding: $29,500,000
Award Ceiling: $29,500,000
Award Floor: $0
Geographic Focus & Target Population

The RESINA Activity will target districts in Nampula and Zambezia provinces in north/central Mozambique. These are the two most populous provinces in the country, with the lowest human development indicators for poverty and nutrition. They are also both highly vulnerable to climate induced shocks, and are at risk of violent extremism. Historically, these two provinces saw some of the most intense fighting in the civil war, and they have been historically neglected by the central government in Maputo.
In Zambezia and Nampula Provinces, RESINA will target districts of higher and intermediate elevation within FEWSNET Livelihood Zone Five, in order to complement other programmatic investments under the USAID Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance planned programming. Geographic selection criteria should prioritize investments in relatively isolated areas that have been under-served by past GRM and donor programming.
This could include districts in the intermediate and higher elevation areas of these provinces, such as Gile, Ile, Namarroi, Gurue, Alto Molocue, Lugela, Mocuba, and Morrumbala in Zambezia Province, and Ribaue, Morrupula, Mogovalas, Nampula, Lalaua, and Mecuburi in Nampula Province.
Eligibility Criteria

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Eligibility for this RFA is not restricted. This activity will be a full and open competition.

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