Al Qasimi Foundation welcomes for Community Impact Grants Program

Al Qam Fondaton wlom fo Commnty Impat Gant Pogam

Dadln: 14-Ot-20

Al Qam Fondaton wlom fo Commnty Impat Gant Pogam. Th Al Qam Fondaton lv n a popl-ntd appoah to qppng th ommnty to fnd atv, ollaoatv appoah that ad n th oal, ltal, and onom dvlopmnt of Ra Al Khamah. Th Fondaton alo ma th UAE’ von fo ntng halthy, af, and vant ommnt.

Sd Gant Th Fondaton talhd t Commnty Impat Gant to ppot and np loal oganzaton and popl thogh oal nnovaton n od to dvlop o nhan loal pojt that wll mpov th qalty of lf fo th ommnty and mat of Ra Al Khamah. Th gant k to hghlght th potv mpat and maal lt ndvdal and oganzaton an mak ad on th ntmat knowldg of th loal ommnty.


To ppot th gowth and dvlopmnt of pojt that off mo fftv way of vng popl n th Ra Al Khamah ommnty, mt mgng ommnty nd, and/o tngthn onton oganzaton o thy an dlv mo flly on th mon. Ojtv

Contt to th ovall dvlopmnt of Ra Al Khamah. Bld ommnty apaty and mpow th ommnty to tak an atv ol n mpovng th qalty of lf. Fot ommnty nvolvmnt and patpaton. Povd oppotnt fo govnmnt, m-govnmnt, and oal to oganzaton (a wll a paonat dnt) to ondt appld ah, plot ntatv, o nhan ommnty o to at potv nft and hang fo th Ra Al Khamah ommnty. Enoag ollaoaton among oganzaton and dnt and ld a tong n of ommnty. Commnty Impat Gant Stt

Commnty Impat Gant awad an d fo pogammng, nfatt, o apaty dvlopmnt ntatv. Th a fo lvl of fndng avalal dpndng on th applant() nvolvd and nat of th popod pojt o ntatv:

Indvdal (p to 5,000 AED) – gant fo ndvdal who hav lvd n Ra Al Khamah fo a mnmm of two ya to plot pojt, hot vnt, o ondt oth ommnty-ad atvt. Oganzaton (p to 10,000 AED) – gant fo a ngl oganzaton to plot pojt, ntatv, o pogam that wll nhan t alty to dlv on t mon and nft ky takhold. Collaoaton (p to 25,000 AED) – gant fo two o mo oganzaton to wok togth on a nw had pojt o ntatv that wll tngthn th wokng latonhp and nft th ky takhold a wll a th oad Ra Al Khamah ommnty. Patnhp (p to 50,000 AED) – gant fo two o mo oganzaton to fomally nvt n a nw had pojt o ntatv that ld on pvo ollaoaton ffot and wll nft th ky takhold a wll a th oad Ra Al Khamah ommnty. Elglty Cta

All pojt o ntatv mttd fo fndng ondaton, gadl of fndng amont, mt mt th followng mnmm ta:

Sk to add a nd o dntfd n th Ra Al Khamah ommnty; Pojt lad ha lvd n Ra Al Khamah fo at lat two ya; Pojt lad ha n mployd wth th applant oganzaton fo at lat on ya (lvant to Oganzaton, Collaoaton, and Patnhp mon); Rqd pojt tam a ompd of dv ndvdal and takhold that ng a ang of talnt and pptv to th pojt; Inopoat tong lmnt of ommnty ngagmnt nto th popod pojt o ntatv; No pvo Commnty Impat Gant awad wthn th lat two ya. Slton Cta

Gant awad a ompttv and ad on mt. Th Slton Commtt wll vw all omplt popoal vd y tatd dadln to dntfy fnalt to nvt fo an n-pon ntvw. Fato ondd dng th lton po nld algnmnt to th Statg Impat Aa, nd o oppotnty th popoal wll add, falty and antpatd otom, and ommnty ngagmnt. On all ntvw a omplt th Slton Commtt wll mak a fnal ommndaton and hoo th Commnty Impat Gant pnt ad on avalal dgt. Th popoal hon fo fndng pnt th nnovatv da that algn t wth th Fondaton’ ovall mon and mody a tong At Bad Commnty Dvlopmnt appoah. Applant an gnally xpt to v a fomal don on th tat of th popoal wthn fo (4) wk of th mon dadln. Fo mo nfomaton, vt

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