Alima recruits 01 Regional Support Officer East Africa

Alma t 01 Rgonal Sppot Off Eat Afa – Nao Knya – M/F


ALIMA’S ETHOS:   ALIMA’ ppo to av lv and povd a fo th mot vlnal poplaton, wthot any dmnaton ad on dntty, lgon o polt, thogh aton ad on poxmty, nnovaton, and th allan of oganzaton and ndvdal.

W at wth hmanty and mpatalty n aodan wth nval mdal th. To gan a to patnt, w ndtak to at n a ntal and ndpndnt mann.

O CHARTER dfn th VALUES and PRINCIPLES of o aton:

    Patnt Ft – Patnt ntd mdal a Rvoltonzng hmantaan mdn thogh ah Rponlty and fdom: noag don-makng y tho lot to patnt Commtmnt to a dynam of ontno qalty mpovmnt Catng a lmat of tt among ollag Colltv ntllgn


4 mllon patnt, and today dploy t opaton n 12 Afan ont. In 2018, w hav dvlopd 41 hmantaan mdal pon pojt to mt th nd of poplaton afftd y onflt, pdm and xtm povty. All of th pojt ppot natonal halth athot thogh naly 330 halth tt (nldng 28 hoptal and 300 halth nt). W wok n patnhp, patlaly wth loal NGO, whnv pol to n that o patnt nft fom xpt whv t avalal, whth n th own onty o n th t of th wold. In addton, to mpov th hmantaan pon, w ondt opatonal and lnal ah pojt, patlaly n th fght agant malntton and val hmohag fv.

THE ALIMA TEAM:  Mo than 2000 popl a ntly wokng fo ALIMA. Th tam n th fld, lot to th patnt, v th ppot fom th oodnaton tam gnally ad n th aptal of th ont of ntvnton. Thy v ppot fom th 4 dk tam and th mgny and opnng v tam ad at th opatonal hadqat n Daka, Sngal. Th tam n Pa and Nw Yok a atvly wokng on fndang and pntng ALIMA. Th t of th ALIMA Galaxy nld ndvdal and patn tam wokng on half of oth oganzaton h a th mdal NGO BEFEN, ALERTE Santé, SOS Médn / KEOOGO, AMCP, th ah oganzaton PACCI, INSERM, th Unvt of Bodax and Copnhagn, th NGO Soldaté Intnatonal and many oth.

OUR COUNTRIES OF INTERVENTIONS :  Mal, Bkna Fao, Cntal Afan Rpl, Nga, Ng, Chad, Dmoat Rpl of Congo, Camoon, Gna, Soth Sdan, Matana, Sngal.

OUR PROJECT THEMATICS :  Malntton, Matnal and Chld Halth, Pdat, Gnd-ad Voln, Mntal Halth, Epdm (Eola, Laa, Chola, Mal, Dng…). ALIMA dvlop n om ont lvant ah pojt n od to mpov th halth of th poplaton onnd (Eola vanaton, mplfaton of th managmnt of at malntton, Covd ah…).


Mon loaton:  Nao, Knya

Whl th onoldaton of o mdal pojt n Wt and Cntal Afa man an mpotant ojtv, ALIMA ha ntvnd n oth ont n th pat and wh to tngthn t pn n oth aa wh th nd a qally dmontatd.

Th Eat Afan gon makd y val omplx ontxt n whh mdo-hmantaan nd a patlaly at. Cont h a Sdan, Ethopa and Somala, among oth, a fad wth dffnt dynam that glaly d th a of pat of th poplaton to mdo-nttonal v ntal to th vval.

In th ontxt, th mod of ntvnton, th xpn and th appoah of o-ontton of mdal olton wth loal ato ppotd y ALIMA an mak n.

In addton, o wllngn to ha xpn, ld allan wth oth xpt, oth ato, and th nay nfomnt of o tam wth Englh-pakng mdal and hmantaan ponnl nvt to lanh a po of xploaton, patnhp and mdal pon n Eat Afa.

In a ft pha, th ojtv wll fo ALIMA :

to opn a gonal laon platfom n Nao, Knya to fomally gt ALIMA at th natonal lvl n Knya, a wll a at th gonal lvl wth th lvant nttton; to ntat thnal and tatg ontat wth hmantaan mdal ad, ah, and mo oadly halth ato wth whom an allan fo hmantaan mdal ntvnton wold mak n. Bld lnk wth halth hman o, tanng and ah tt. ondt an analy of mdo-hmantaan nd n th gon (nldng xploatoy mon) and ommnd opatonal pot fo ALIMA’ ntvnton

In tm of lt, w xpt a gnfant pog n tm of gtaton of th NGO n th ft 3 month, thn an opnng of a mon (at lat 1) n on of th ont of th gon at mot 1 ya aft th gnnng of th pntaton.


Th Rgonal Sppot Off pot to th Rgonal Manag Eat Afa. Sh/h wok loly wth th ppot v of ALIMA Hadqat (fnan, hman o, logt, ommnaton, dvlopmnt, dono). Sh/h ollaoat wth th Knyan athot and th NGO and ntnatonal oganzaton pnt at th gonal lvl.


    Sppot fo th talhmnt and gtaton of ALIMA fo Eat Afa n Nao, Knya
Sppot th Rgonal Manag on a daly a n th admntatv tp to talh ALIMA n Knya, a a gonal platfom of th NGO. At n dntfyng pm fo th oganzaton n Nao and manag th ntal and t follow-p. Faltat and domnt ontat wth admntaton and at n th pod to followd (.g. lao law, oal ty ontton, mgaton, t.). Sppot th Rgonal Off n th gtaton of ALIMA at th lvl of th dffnt gonal/ntnatonal ato n Eat Afa n od to faltat ALIMA atvty n th gon.
    Admntatv and fnanal managmnt of th Nao off  :
En, n omplan wth ALIMA pod, th xtn of l fo th managmnt of fnanal o and aontng l a wll a xmplay domntaton of xpndt (ppaaton of xpndt ommtmnt, ahvng, phang pod, all fo tnd, dgt montong, follow-p wth th lvant Hadqat v n th aontng and fnan dpatmnt) Mak ah flow qt n onnton wth Hadqat v Ppa and monto th ontat of th v povd nay fo th atvty of th off (gnal v, mantnan, ty, t.) and n laton wth thm. Patpat n th dvlopmnt of th pomnt famwok En omplan wth dono pod and ondton n all apt of off managmnt.
    Dvlopmnt of patnhp :
At th gonal manag n th dntfaton of NGO ato wth whom ALIMA old dvlop an opatonal patnhp. En th fomalzaton and follow-p of valdatd patnhp In ppot of th gonal manag, ppa th nay lmnt fo mtng wth ntttonal dono n od to fnan th gonal opatonal tatgy. Atvly patpat n mtng, vnt, gathng, ntwok/lt onttng to tngthn th knowldg of th ontxt and hmantaan ntvnton n th gon and to mak ALIMA known. Patpat n th daftng of pojt popoal and pot, nng th qalty of th domnt and omplan wth dadln.
Contt, n ppot of th Rgonal Manag, to th daftng of th Rgonal Stp, thn nd t on a month. Contt to wtng th annal atvty pot of th platfom Ppa, fo valdaton y th gonal manag, any pot d to dono and patn ppotng th gonal platfom.
    Logtal ppaaton of th Mon
Atvly patpat n th logtal oganzaton of vt of ollag and patn to Knya and th gon. Ppa th logtal apt of th ALIMA xploaton mon n th ont of th gon dntfd a pot.

Expén / Fomaton


Expn :

At lat 2 ya xpn wth an NGO n montong o oodnatng hmantaan pogam, at hadqat o n th fld, a a potng off, admntatv o fnanal oodnato. Hold a dg n managmnt, pojt managmnt, aontng o admntaton. Expn n managng, montong and faltatng patnhp hghly ommndd. Expn n th opnng of mon an at.

Qalt of th anddat :

Vy good analytal, oganzatonal and plannng kll Alty to tak th ntatv n th dvlopmnt and follow-p of ntttonal and NGO ontat Calm, xllnt t managmnt Vy good ommnaton kll Alty to wok n latv olaton (at a dtan fom Hadqat tam) and atonomoly Stong ntt n hmantaan

Langag :

Good ommand of Englh (ad, wttn and pokn) ntal. Flny n Fnh (ad, wttn, pokn) dd



Daton and typ of ontat : 12-month fxd-tm ontat

Takng p a poton : A oon a pol

Salay : aodng to xpn

Commnt potl


Pla nd   fo th 21th Oto 2020  yo CV and yo   Motvaton ltt

Applaton a pod n th od of aval and w v th ght to lo th off fo th tm ntally ndatd f a good applaton fl. Only fll applaton wll takn nto aont. Only aptd applaton wll ontatd.

Fmal anddat a tongly noagd to apply.

Clqz po potl

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