Apply for New Project Grant in UK

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Apply for New Project Grant in UK

Deadline: Ongoing Opportunity

The Betsy Foundation is accepting applications for Supporting charities to support others.

Betsy Foundation is a family run initiative giving grants to small and medium sized charities which make the world a better place for those in need.

Betsy Foundation mission is to assist the organisations which provide this deeply needed support to young people in their communities. They support a broad spectrum of organisations, focusing on the most vulnerable people in their communities. They feel passionately that those who are struggling should have the best chance of accessing the resources they need.

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They normally provide financial grants of up to £30,000 to UK-based charities that operate in London and the South-East to help them overcome poverty, abuse and homelessness for the younger members of their society.
This grant application pack is for new projects with the total grant amount being under £5,000.
This grant application pack is for new projects with the total grant amount being over £5,000.
Eligibility Criteria

They are interested to hear from you if a grant from the Betsy Foundation could unlock your potential to deliver a vital project. These criteria would need to apply:
The beneficiaries are primarily under 30 years old and are currently living in London and the South-East of England.
The grant of up to £30,000 can have a significant impact as a one-off grant or over a two-year period [Betsy Foundation only makes multiple grants for a maximum of two years]
The impact of the grant will help to alleviate the effects of poverty, abuse and homelessness as well as help recipients to overcome the causes e.g. to help them into more sustainable, safe and economically secure lives.
They welcome your application for a grant. You’ll need to satisfy each of the following criteria:-
The charity must be registered with the Charity Commission
The charity must be at least three years old
The charity must turn over a gross revenue of less than £750,000
The grant amount must be less than 15% of gross revenue
There must be at least three trustees who are independent with no one having overall control.
The charity will have a governing document to show how it is managed.
There must be a bank or building society account which requires two unrelated signatories.
The charity will have accounts and sound management structure for managing the grant
There must be appropriate safeguarding policies.
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