Apply Now for ECF’s Community Grant Program (Canada)

Apply Now fo ECF’ Commnty Gant Pogam (Canada)

Dadln: 01-D-20

Th Edmonton Commnty Fondaton ha annond th Commnty Gant Pogam to ppot a wd ang of oganzatonal nd.

1000 nw gant and dono Aa

Hman Sv At & Clt Edaton Envonmnt & Anmal Wlfa Halth Spot & Raton Fndng Infomaton

Th oganzaton an apply fo a gant p to appoxmatly $50,000. Elglty

Vw and vng gant nfomaton Commnty Gant am to ppot th ommnty. A non-poft lgl to apply f t v th gat Edmonton aa, nldng Ld Conty, Pakland Conty, Stathona Conty, and Stgon Conty. Th non-poft mt alo hav a hatal gtaton nm fom th Canada Rvn Agny (CRA) o ondd a qalfd don. Applyng fo a Commnty Gant

If yo don’t hav a nt latonhp wth thm (flly vd a Commnty Gant n th lat fv ya), yo oganzaton an apply fo a gant p to appoxmatly ( not) $50,000. If yo’v wokd wth ECF ntly (fl Commnty Gant appovd, ompltd, and potd on), yo an apply fo a gant p to appoxmatly ( not) $80,000. Not: Thy wll ond amont lghtly aov th lmt whn th a tong atonal.

ECF’ Two-Stag Po

Dadln F Gant Thy a two-tag po that nld a plmnay onln applaton, followd y a fll popoal, f qtd. Th po mant to at applant. Fo pojt that a nlkly to v fndng fo any aon, t pvnt th applant oganzaton fom ddatng tm and o to a fll popoal that wll not fl. It alo allow th taff th han to a qton n th Rqt fo Popoal ltt, hlpng to tngthn th fnal popoal, whh vwd y on of fv -ommtt. Not: Attahmnt h a ltt of ppot, fnanal tatmnt, o ttmonal a not qd dng th ft tag. If thy nd mo nfomaton, thy wll ontat th applant.

Whn to Smt

Thy noag yo to apply aly! thy hav a ontnal ntak of plmnay applaton wth qatly dadln dpndng on whn fndng qd. Th allow thm to vw ah on t own mt and pond pomptly wth qton and fdak. Th a mo oppotnt to povd ppot fo hat that apply aly. Th alo gv yo mo tm to wt a tong popoal. Thy do not povd toatv fndng. Fo mo nfomaton, vt http://www.fondaton.og/gant/ommnty-gant/apply-fo-a-ommnty-gant/

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