Apply Now for Norden 0–30 Grant Programme

Apply Now for Norden 0–30 Grant Programme

Deadline: 2-Oct-20

Norden 0–30 grant programme is now open to support children and young people’s own projects and seeks to strengthen their organizational skills, influence, and participation in political, cultural, and social activities. The target group of the programme is children and young people up to the age of 30.

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The Nordic Committee for Children and Young People is the Nordic Council of Ministers’ advisory and co-ordinating body for issues relating to children and young people. Nordic Culture Point administers the Norden 0–30 (formerly NORDBUK) grant programme on behalf of the committee.

Funding Information

Grants ranging between EUR 7,500 and EUR 25,000.

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Which activities are funded?

You can apply for support for projects or networks that consist of cultural, political or social activities where children and young people are actively engaged in the process and are able to have a say in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the project. Project partners should always encourage democratic participation and ensure that the children and young people involved in the project gain greater influence on the project.
For example, a project may entail:
Networks. Either individual or a series of networking activities, such as meetings, conferences, workshops, camps, courses, or other activities designed to further develop and strengthen partnerships, provide opportunities for exchanging experiences, and to share resources for promotion efforts.
Production. This can include processes, campaign or information material, methodology material, reports, digital storytelling, or works of art designed to make children and young people more aware of their right to participate and influence.
Who can apply?

Grants are awarded to

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Organizations, groups, municipalities, institutions, associations and networks.
The project must take the form of co-operation between at least three Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and/or the Åland Islands.
The project applicant must reside in one of the Nordic countries stated above.
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