Steve Waugh Foundation’s Grants Program (Australia)

Steve Waugh Foundation’s Grants Program (Australia)


The Steve Waugh Foundation is accepting applications for its grants program to support those with the rarest diseases in Australia, especially that are ineligible for support from other sources.

1000 new grants and donors
The Foundation will Fund

The Foundation will consider funding:

Some, but not all, minor house renovations or items that improve the quality of life for the applicant and their family
In line with philosophy to fund items that are ineligible to be funded from other sources, you must identify:

View and receiving grant information
Other eligible sources of funding you have tried
If you have previously received support from other charitable organisations or
Received support from the Steve Waugh Foundation in the past
Eligibility Criteria

The Steve Waugh Foundation (‘the Foundation’) will support children and young adults aged 0-25 years who have a rare disease with a prevalence of at least 2:100,000.
You must be an Australian Citizen or an Australian permanent resident of at least 5 years to gain assistance from the Foundation;
Have a recognised rare disease as identified on ORPHANET
Have an Australian Medicare Card
Have already made an application for Government funding assistance for the requested item, either State or Federal. e.g the NDIS
The rare disease has been formally and officially diagnosed by a Paediatrician and/or a Geneticist.
You have and can provide evidence of the diagnosis of the rare disease signed off by a Paediatrician or Geneticist.
You have and can provide medical, health and other documentation or support material required as part of this Application.
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