Australia: Landholder Environment Grants

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Australia: Landholder Environment Grants

Deadline: 30-Aug-21

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council is pleased to launch the Landholder Environment Grants (LEG) program to provide funding to private landholders in order to undertake on-ground projects on their properties, which protect and enhance the natural assets and biodiversity of the Sunshine Coast.

Landholder Environment Grants (LEG) provide financial assistance for private rural landholders to undertake on-ground projects on their properties. The purpose of the grants are to protect and enhance the natural assets and biodiversity of the Sunshine Coast, and promote ecologically sustainable management of the region’s environmental values.


Priority is given to projects that:
will achieve cost effective on-ground outcomes;
have high ecological value;
have at least a matching landholder contribution;
will deliver benefits to the wider community;
demonstrate commitment to maintaining the work into the future.
Low priority is given to:
projects that are not cost-effective or do not demonstrate sufficient planning.
Funding Information

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Grants are available for up to $15,000.
Eligible Projects

Projects must be on privately-owned rural land within the Sunshine Coast Council Local Government Area. Landholders can apply for assistance to carry out natural resource management activities such as:

fencing to restrict stock access to significant areas of native vegetation, wetlands or waterways
installing off-stream stock watering points and stock crossings
revegetating degraded areas and establishing native vegetation corridors and buffer zones
reducing sediment and nutrient runoff on farms
controlling environmental weeds to rehabilitate native vegetation areas
modifying existing fencing to make it more wildlife-friendly (note that installation or modification of boundary fencing is not eligible).
Eligibility Criteria

Private rural landholders of the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area, who have satisfactorily met all acquittal conditions of previous council grants are eligible to apply.
Applications must be submitted by the landholder.
Landholders can apply for only one grant per round.
A single application must only address one project.
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