Australian Embassy’s Small Grants Program for Grassroots Organizations

Atalan Emay’ Small Gant Pogam fo Gaoot Oganzaton

Dadln: 18-Ot-20

Th Atalan Emay’ mall gant pogam now opn to ndvdal and oganzaton n Ethopa, Soth Sdan, Cntal Afan Rpl (CAR), and Djot.

Sd Gant Th Emay lookng fo pojt wth a la von and otom that wll mak a tangl dffn n th ommnty. Th mall gant pogam ha hlpd many ommnty and gaoot oganzaton h n Ethopa, Soth Sdan, CAR and Djot mak a al dffn n th ommnt.

Thmat Aa

Gnd qalty and womn’ mpowmnt; Dalty nlon; Pomotng good govnan, hman ght and vl lt; Rpondng to COVID-19. Fndng Infomaton

Th no mnmm amont that a ngl pojt an v t th maxmm th Atalan Emay Add Aaa wll ondng th ond AUD20,000 (appoxmatly USD14,000 o ETB530,000) ov th lf of th pojt. Smttng yo Applaton

Yo wll fnd a Rvw and Smt tton at th ottom of th Navgaton Panl. Yo nd to vw yo applaton fo yo an mt t. On yo hav vwd yo applaton yo an mt t y lkng on ‘Smt‘ at th top o ottom of th n o on th navgaton panl. Yo wll not al to mt yo applaton ntl all th omploy qton a ompltd and th a no valdaton o. On yo hav mttd yo applaton, no fth dtng o ploadng of ppot matal pol. Whn yo mt yo applaton, yo wll v a onfmaton mal wth a opy of yo mttd applaton attahd. Th wll nt to th mal yo d to gt. If yo do not v a onfmaton of mon mal thn yo hold pm that yo mon ha NOT n mttd. Attahmnt and Sppot Domnt

Yo may nd to pload/mt attahmnt to ppot yo applaton. Th vy mpl, t q yo to hav th domnt avd on yo ompt, o on a toag dv. Yo nd to allow nogh tm fo ah fl to pload fo tyng to attah anoth fl. Fl an p to 25MB ah; howv, w do ommnd tyng to kp fl to a maxmm of 5MB – th lag th fl, th long th pload tm. Fo mo nfomaton, vt

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