Ben & Jerry’s Foundation: Grassroots Organizing for Social Change Grant Program (United States)

Bn & Jy’ Fondaton: Gaoot Oganzng fo Soal Chang Gant Pogam (Untd Stat)


Th Bn & Jy’ Fondaton kng applaton fo Gaoot Oganzng fo Soal Chang Gant Pogam.

1000 nw gant and dono Gaoot, onttnt-ld oganzng among th mot fftv man to at oal hang. Thy dfn oganzng a olltv aton fom th ottom p that hallng th tat qo, dmand hang n poly and pat, dat ommnt aot oot a, and advoat and agtat fo ytm and jt olton.

Th Gaoot Oganzng fo Soal Chang pogam ppot oganzaton that ha and mody th thoy of hang.

Th Gaoot Oganzng fo Soal Chang Pogam off gnal ppot to non-poft oganzaton thoghot th Untd Stat and o mot ompttv gant pogam.

Vw and vng gant nfomaton Whl th oad goal a to fth oal and nvonmntal jt and ppot tanal and jt food ytm, thy fo on th typ of atvt and tatg an oganzaton fo atng oal hang ath than on th pf th oganzaton addng.

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Dadln F Gant Thy mak on-ya gant fo p to $25,000, to oganzaton wth dgt nd $500,000. Elglty Cta

Thy wll only ond popoal fom gaoot, onttnt-ld oganzaton that a ng ommnty-oganzng and a-ldng tatg to aomplh th goal. Fo mo nfomaton, vt http://nandjyfondaton.og/th-gaoot-oganzng-fo-oal-hang-pogam/

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