Ca Global recruits 01 Business Analyst (Analysis /Systems / Information and Technology)

Ca Gloal t 01 Bn Analyt (Analy /Sytm / Infomaton and Thnology)

Ca Gloal

Johanng, Gatng, Soth Afa

Bn Analyt (Analy /Sytm / Infomaton and Thnology) – Johanng, Soth Afa Johanng, Gatng Jo Dpton: O lnt a lag fnanal v oganzaton, ntly lookng to t a Bn Analyt to ad n Johanng, Soth Afa, potng to th Had of Info Sytm & Analyt.  Th nmnt wll ponl fo mappng ot th n qmnt, gvng th p to th dvlop and at n dgnng of ytm po.  Rponlt: Dvlop wfam; wokflow and po flow dagamRognz and al to xplan th val of olvng pf n polm.Invtgat patal olton to n polm and hav th mplmntd.Ctally analy xtng poLa wth dvlop to n that lt a dlvd wthn dadln and ontnt wth pfaton.Poatvly ommnat wth pojt manag to n that all qmnt a ndtood.Idntfy and dv ontno mpovmnt of poWok wth th ttng dpatmnt to n that th dlval ov all apt of th n qmnt and a f fom g.Idntfy and k and ommnat th to takhold.Pfom analy to tolhoot g and oth and alat th to dvlop o that th a olvd n a tmly mann.B al to tmat th amont of wok qd fo tak.Tak pat n th plannng and potzaton of nw fntonalty and nhanmnt wth ky takhold.En that ytm data p to dat.Dvlop tanng matal and ondt tanng.   Rqmnt: Qalfaton and Skll Bahlo’ Dg n Infomaton Sytm / Softwa Dvlopmnt / Sytm/Data Analy / IT / Compt Sn. Mnmm of 3 – 5 ya’ xpn  a a Bn Analyt, wth IT ExpnBn analy tfaton (advantag).Expn n th Fnanal Sv ndty (advantago) Pla apply dtly, y lkng on th Apply Btton  aov and vt o wt  fo mo xtng oppotnt and vt  fo th latt CA Gloal jo. If yo hav not had any pon n two wk, pla ond yo applaton nfl howv yo CV wll kpt on o dataa fo any oth tal poton POSTULER

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