Ca Global recruits 01 Financial Controller (CA / Chartered Accountant / SAP / Supervisory / IFRS / Group Reporting)

Ca Gloal t 01 Fnanal Contoll (CA / Chatd Aontant / SAP / Spvoy / IFRS / Gop Rpotng)

Ca Gloal


Fnanal Contoll (CA / Chatd Aontant / SAP / Spvoy / IFRS / Gop Rpotng) – Nama Nama, Nama Rfn: 076-1009LH  Jo Dpton:   O lnt kng a Fnanal Contoll wth a CA qalfaton and xpn wth IFRS and Gop Rpotng to jon th tam n Nama.  Rponlt: Ppa and mantan fnanal aontng od fo th ompany’ ah flow.En tattoy qmnt and IFRS tandad a adhd to.Ppang and analyng fnanal aontng pot.Contno mpovmnt ntatv aond ontol pol and pod.En fad pvnton and fnanal k mtgaton ma a pt n pla.Dto managmnt.Monthly fnanal aontng and potng atvt nldng gnal ldg, fnal tal alan and month nd pong.Ronlaton.Ppang and mttng tax allaton and VAT tn.Fxd at managmnt (gtaton and dpaton).Povdng mntong and tanng to odnat.  Rqmnt: Bahlo’ Dg  n Aontng.Qalfd Chatd Aontant (CA).Vald dv’ ln. 10 ya’ xpn  a a Fnanal Contoll wth at lat 3 ya at Spvoy lvl.5 ya’ xpn n th mnng ndty.Wll-vd n Intnatonal Fnanal Rpotng Standad (IFRS), Gop Rpotng, VAT and tax.SAP knowldg.Th ol only opn to Naman tzn ntly dng n Nama.  Contatal Infomaton: Fxd tm ontat.Rdntally ad – loaton qd. Pla apply dtly, y lkng on th Apply Btton  ?and vt  fo th latt CA Mnng jo. Lann LaaSno Extv Rtmnt ConltantCA Mnng: Gloal Rtmnt If yo hav not had any pon n two wk, pla ond yo applaton nfl howv yo CV wll kpt on o dataa fo any oth tal poton. POSTULER

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