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Ca Gloal t 01 Pomnt Spvo

Ca Gloal t 01 Pomnt Spvo (Pomnt / Spply Chan Managmnt / SAP / Mnng) « Opn to Soth Afan Only »

Ca Gloal

Soth Afa

Pomnt Spvo (Pomnt / Spply Chan Managmnt / SAP / Mnng) – Soth Afa Soth Afa, Soth Afa Rfn Nm: 100 10 09 AB Jo Dpton: O lnt, an Intnatonal Mnng & Chmal Company ntly lookng fo a Pomnt Spvo to jon th opaton n Soth Afa. Th dal anddat wll ponl fo th xton of th Pomnt and BBBEE tatgy and to n that th ovall SCM (Spply Chan Managmnt) tatgy and latd ntatv a ntgatd and algnd wth th ompany gonal oganzatonal tatgy and n plan.  Rponlt: Ema a lt that fo on afty n all SCM (Spply Chan Managmnt) opatonSytm Infatt and nalmnt-aat and tmo lo a p appovd pod, n data ntgty, manag yng po and y pfomanPhang and Pomnt- n fftv & ffnt ontol ov qton, pha od and algnmnt wth th ompany govnan.Dmontat a dp ndtandng of pomnt xlln t pat and pnpl. Idntfy t pat tool and po to dv and nal hang;Condt thnal and ommal ngotaton towad onldng od, tak ppl’ pfoman, ov and oodnat tnd and od and manag ppl latonEn ond valaton ta d n th adjdaton of qot/tnd.Atvly and on an on-gong a o podt oth loally and ntnatonally n aodan wth th ompany’ pply nd and wth fn to otanng th ot qalty at an optmal ot;Extnv ngotaton wth ppl to n optmal pply ondton, .. dont, at, dfd paymnt tm t.In onltaton wth Manag, Spply Chan NS o nw vndo and ondt amnt of oth p and qalty of podtPovd gdan to dt pot and tom to n that all pol, pod, tandad and gdln a adhd to n th xton of pomnt atvt.Manag and ov ppl latonhp managmnt atvt n a o-odnat and ntgatd way n od to mtgat pply and qalty k whlt optmzng val.En that an Expdtng Plan and Pod dvlopd, mplmntd, mantand and potd on pogvly.Pomot an nlv nvonmnt whh maxmz th ontton of all ndvdalPomot tamwok, povd ppot and manag pfoman y atng and mantanng ndvdal dvlopmnt plan of odnatLvagng ontno mpovmnt pnpl, ov th dvlopmnt, dploymnt and omplan wth pomnt poly, pod, ytm and tool amd at nhanng ffny and govnan ao th fll ang of pomnt po;Bld tong o-fntonal latonhp wth all takhold (.. opaton, tmatng, fnan t.) to n th n qmnt a ndtood and that thy a appopatly onltd and nfomd of pomnt atvt;En that all pomnt od a flly ntgatd wth th SAP ytm and a taly mantand.En that a Statg B-BBEE Pomnt Plan mplmntd mantand and potd on, n aodan wth th latt vd B-BBEE Cod of Pat/ Mnng Chat.  Rqmnt: Qalfaton and Skll Rognzd Bn/Commal Dg n Pomnt o latdCompt ltat (MS Off St)SAP MM knowldgCod B dv’ lnFlny n Englh Mn 5 ya’ wok xpn  n Spply Chan/Pomnt fntonOpn to Soth Afan Only Pla apply dtly, y lkng on th Apply Btton  ?and vt  fo th latt CA Gloal jo. Aéln BoExtv ConltantCA Mnng: Gloal Rtmnt If yo hav not had any pon n two wk, pla ond yo applaton nfl howv yo CV wll kpt on o dataa fo any oth tal poton. POSTULER

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