Ca Global recruits 01 Underground Machine Operator

Ca Gloal t 01 Undgond Mahn Opato – Mlt Skll (TMM / Load/ Dll Rg/ Roof Bolt/ Gad/ Dmp Tk)

Ca Gloal

Mna, Lmpopo, Soth Afa

Undgond Mahn Opato – Mlt Skll (Load / Dll Rg / Roof Bolt/ Gad/ Dmp Tk) – Soth Afa Mna, Lmpopo Undgond Mahn Opato – Mlt Skll (TMM / Load/ Dll Rg/ Roof Bolt/ Gad/ Dmp Tk) – Soth Afa   Rfn Nm:  042 1409 RR  Poton Avalal: Chagng Up AtantChagng Rg OpatoDvlopmnt Dmp Tk OpatoDll Rg OpatoDll Rg OffdGad OpatoLoad OpatoLDV OpatoRoofolt OpatoTlhandl Opato  Rponlt: Clanng and pakng vhl aodng to dpatmntal podHandlng gnal admntaton takPfomng p-tat hk on vhl, ondng afty qmnt and potng dfalt aodngly.Contollng and tong of at aodng to tandad and podEnng omplan to lvant ytm, pod, and tandadAdhng to halth, and afty tandad, a wll a podBldng and mantanng latonhp wth tam mmPfom k amnt (Atvty Bad and Mn)Rponl fo hkng laton of qpmntRpotng any damag o akagAtng ngnng ponally wth akdown and mantnan  Rqmnt: Qalfaton and Skll Gad 12 / N3 / Eqvalnt NQF Lvl 4 qalfatonComptnt B tfatCod C1 Dv’ LnRqd lafaton a p VTS ttng fo pf ol (Oang +)Mdal Ctfat of Ftn to wok ndgondTh pot dpndnt on th fl omplton of th Company’ p-mploymnt potool h a qalfaton vfaton, lvant pyhomt amnt, and a la ty laan Mnmm of 3 ya’ patal xpn  of opatng n an ndgond mnng nvonmnt  Bnft and Contatal nfomaton: Pmannt EmploymntCompttv annal alay Pla vt  fo mo xtng oppotnt. CA Mnng  wll pond to hot-ltd anddat only. If yo hav not had any pon n two wk, pla ond yo applaton nfl howv yo CV wll kpt on o dataa fo any oth tal poton. POSTULER

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Société recrute 01 Préparateur Age: 25 ans minimum Formation : BTS en électrotechnique, chaudronnerie ou tuyauterie ou équivalent Expérience souhaitée : 3 à 5 ans dans un poste similaire Connaissances particulières…