Call for Applications for Climate Action 2022 Accelerator Grants

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Call for Applications for Climate Action 2022 Accelerator Grants

Deadline: 31-Aug-21

Climate action nonprofits are invited by Patrick J. McGovern Foundation to build advanced data expertise with 2022 Accelerator Grants.

The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation has opened the application process for the next set of Accelerator Program Grants, a novel opportunity that provides nonprofits with data support, tools, and expertise to develop and test a data hypothesis. The theme for the cohort is Data to Drive Climate Action, and nonprofits working across a range of climate change and environmental issues are invited to submit an expression of interest.
Up to 12 climate action organizations will be selected for the next cohort, which runs for nine months in 2022. This high-touch grant collaboration aims to advance data maturity within nonprofits while also equipping them to deliver on a specific data project.
Funding Information
This program provides in-kind contributions of infrastructure and expertise, as well as supplementary support to cover expenses associated with running the data experiment of up to $100,000.
Program Details
Accelerator program grantees demonstrate a commitment to shared learning — including documenting and setting an example for how others in their field can advance nonprofit data maturity in an impactful, responsible, inclusive way.

Once selected, they will team up with our in-house technical team to:

Translate problem definitions into data questions
Prepare the data for ingesting, and
Use a cloud-based platform to determine whether the datasets explored contain the information needed to answer those previously defined questions
To submit an expression of interest for the 2022 cohort of Accelerator grants, you will be asked to create an account in GivingData and then provide your organization’s contact information and respond to the following prompts:
Provide an overview of your project. Highlight the origin of your hypothesis and why it’s worth exploring. How does this project align with your organization’s mission?
Describe the datasets that you propose to use (e.g. size, type, data model, frequency of new data, level of preprocessing effort needed to get data ready for analysis, challenges in working with or acquiring the datasets, etc.) (300 word limit)
List the data analysis/ML concepts/techniques and methods you wish to explore. Has any prior work been explored or completed by your team around these methods? (300 word limit)
How does your organization define data maturity? At what level of data maturity do you believe your organization is currently operating? Which aspects of data maturity might completing this project help your organization advance?
Provide CV’s or LinkedIn profiles for the team that would be working on this project, and please list any partners working with you on this project. What area of expertise/focus will they bring to the project? (300 word limit)
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