Canada: 2021 Social and Community Development Grant

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Canada: 2021 Social and Community Development Grant

Deadline: 6-Oct-21

The City of Kamloops is inviting interested non-profit organizations and societies to submit applications for additional funding made available through the 2021 Social and Community Development Grant.

Projects will be evaluated and awarded based on the quality of application and benefit to the community. Applicants will need to demonstrate the following:

address at least one priority of the Kamloops Social Plan and/or address at least one of the following areas of focus as identified in the Council Strategic Plan under Livability: Arts, Culture, and Heritage; Healthy Community; Housing; Inclusivity; Places and Spaces; and Safety
adhere to the principles of the Sustainable Kamloops Plan
strengthen and enhance the community’s well-being
promote volunteering where appropriate
address social and community issues and concerns
improve community or agency capacity to meet specific social and/or community needs
promote cultural understanding as applicable
partner with other service providers in the community
be well publicized in the community
occur within the City of Kamloops
Strategic Priorities & Focus Areas

Governance & Accountability: The City of Kamloops has strong, accountable governance and makes informed decisions. Residents are engaged in Council’s strategic priorities.
Asset Management: They proactively plan for the repair and replacement of the infrastructure.
Community Engagement: They are committed to engaging and connecting with Kamloops residents and stakeholders.
External Relationships: They understand the importance of maintaining and improving key relationships.
Fiscal Responsibility: They are fiscally responsible and accountable
Livability: The City of Kamloops maintains a vibrant, high quality of life for an inclusive, healthy, and diverse community.
Arts, Culture, and Heritage: They cultivate a vibrant and diverse arts, culture, and heritage environment throughout the city.
Healthy Community: They foster an environment that supports and promotes healthy living through recreation, community, and social connection.
Housing: They focus on improving diversity and access throughout the housing continuum.
Inclusivity: They are committed to supporting inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility in the community.
Places and Spaces: They plan community amenities that create great places and spaces for community living.
Safety: They recognize the importance of a safe and secure community
Vibrant Economy: The City of Kamloops supports a diverse, vibrant, and resilient economy.
Business Health: They cultivate a positive business environment and maintain a framework that facilitates jobs, economic sustainability, and growth.
Economic Strength: They support initiatives that increase the competitive advantage, cultivate growth, and support the residents.
Partnerships: They continue to nurture partnerships with key agencies and organizations.
Environmental Leadership: The City of Kamloops leads by example by making sustainable choices to minimize the environmental footprint.
Climate Action: They enhance the City’s resiliency and capacity for mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change.
Sustainability: They implement strategies that reduce the impact on the environment.
Transportation: They facilitate sustainable transportation options and create community connectivity.
Funding Information


Applicants are invited to apply for funding up to $33,000. Projects must commence in 2021, with funding targeted towards a specific program for one year.
Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a Social and Community Development Grant, all of the following criteria must be met:

The organization must be a registered non-profit society. It must have an independent, active government body composed of volunteers. The by laws must have provisions that no Board Director can be remunerated for being a director and staff members cannot be voting members of the Board or Executive.
The organization must extend its service to the general public and shall not exclude anyone by reason of religion, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, language, disability, or income, except in instances where it can be proven that exclusion of some groups is required for effective service delivery to the target group.
The organization must have the demonstrated functional capacity and sufficient resources to deliver the project or proposed services to which the City is being asked to contribute.
The project or proposed services must address specific current social and community issues or concerns.
Projects or proposed services are required to align with either the Kamloops Social Plan or the Kamloops City Council Strategic Plan 2019–2022.
Costs must be reasonable when compared with projects or proposed services of a similar scope and scale.
The project or proposed services must primarily serve Kamloops residents.
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