Canada: Apply Now for Creative Communities Annual Operating Grant Program

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Canada: Apply Now for Creative Communities Annual Operating Grant Program

Deadline: 1-Mar-21

The Toronto Arts Council is pleased to announce applications for the Creative Communities Annual Operating Grant Program to support Canada: Apply Now for Creative Communities Annual Operating Grant Program to support outstanding artists and arts organizations that contribute to the cultural life of the City of Toronto.

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TAC is committed to artistic excellence, innovation, and accessibility, and supports a wide spectrum of artistic endeavour and a range of activity that makes the City of Toronto one of the leading cultural centres in Canada. Through its support, TAC cultivates a richer engagement between artists and audiences and reflects the City of Toronto through the diversity of artists, arts communities and audiences that it serves.


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The Creative Communities Program provides Annual Operating support to non-profit Toronto arts organizations (both incorporated and unincorporated) engaged on an ongoing basis in work that enables public participation in arts and culture. Funding through this program supports both operations and programming. The City of Toronto supports this program through a funding allocation approved annually by Toronto City Council.
Art practiced at a community level creates a powerful sense of inclusion, understanding, and the possibility of self-expression among participants. It can involve one or more art practices, such as music, dance, theatre, visual arts, and storytelling. The collaborative involvement of professional artists with community members is a necessary component.
TAC contributes to the development of community arts in Toronto by supporting community-engaged arts activity that demonstrates vision and excellence. In addition to funding professional arts organizations and community groups engaged in community arts activities, TAC recognizes the vital contribution emerging arts organizations make to the cultural life of Toronto and provides funding opportunities to assist these groups to access professional artistic leadership.
Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Annual Operating funding, an applicant must:

Be non-profit;
Have professional artistic leadership and pay appropriate professional fees to artists;
Be located in the City of Toronto and have a significant portion of its activities occurring within the City;
Have a history of sustained community arts activity over the two years prior to this application;
Have received a minimum of two project grants through TAC’s Arts Discipline or Strategic programs;
Have a viable administrative structure;
Have sound financial management;
Submit verification of financial results of the last completed fiscal year:
for requests over $30,000, audited financial statements are required;
for requests of $30,000 or less, if annual operating revenues are $100,000 or more, a review engagement is required, (or, if available, audited financial statements;
for requests of $30,000 or less, if annual operating revenues are under $100,000, unaudited financial statements that include a balance sheet and a statement of income and expenses is required, (or, if available, audited financial statements or a review engagement);
Demonstrate a range of revenue sources on an annual basis, including earned, government and private sector revenues;
Be governed by a Board of Directors or other body responsible for the organization.
For more information, visit

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