Canada: County of Grande Prairie’s Community Assistance Grant

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Canada: County of Grande Prairie’s Community Assistance Grant

Deadline: 1-Sep-21

The County of Grande Prairie is inviting applications for its Community Assistance Grant. The grant funds operational costs for community groups that serve County residents, but do not qualify as Recreation or Culture providers.

The County recognizes the hard work and resilience of the community groups during this time and is aware of the financial impacts of not being able to host your scheduled event can have on your organization.

When considering hosting or rescheduling your event please take guidance from public health agencies at the local, provincial and federal level.

Eligible Projects

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Improvements to non-recreational and non-cultural physical facilities are eligible.
Projects or programs that deliver valuable services that are not recreational or cultural are eligible.
Eligibility Criteria

Non-profit organizations and community volunteer groups that promote safe, active and sustainable communities within the County of Grande Prairie.
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