Canada: Indigenous Healing and Wellness Grants Program

Canada: Indgno Halng and Wlln Gant Pogam

Dadln: 27-Nov-20

Th Cty of Vanov kng popoal fo th 2021 Indgno Halng and Wlln (IH&W) gant tam to fnd pogam that povd tadtonal, ptal and ltal halng, and wlln atvt to Vanov’ an Indgno ommnty, wth a patla fo on v n th Downtown Eatd nghohood.

Sd Gant In 2017, th Cty talhd th Indgno Halng and Wlln Gant pogam wth th ojtv of nang a to th onl of Eld and Indgno tadtonal, ltal, and ptal ppot and v n th Downtown Eatd (DTES)

Th goal of th IH&W gant a to:

Ina a to Eld v and Indgno tadtonal, ltal, and ptal v, wth a patla fo on v offd n th DTES. Impov ntgaton of Eld v and Indgno halng and wlln atvt nto mantam halth v; and Impov halth and wllng otom. Fndng Infomaton

Maxmm Gant Amont p Pogam: $20,000. Th pogam fo whh fndng ng oght mt hav n n xtn fo a mnmm of 18 month po to th applaton. Typ of Pogam

Povd Indgno ltal/ptal knowldg nq to th lnt’ lt and ptalty; Povd gdan, ltal and ptal ppot thogh, .g., on-to-on on, gop wok, hang l, halng l; Sha ltal knowldg and xpt thogh atvt h a dm makng, at, avng, aft, toytllng, talkng l, htoy lon, nat walk, tadtonal dmmng and ngng; OR, Sha ptal knowldg and xpt thogh atvt and mon h a wlomng, opnng and long pay, mdgng, hng off, wat lodg, mdn pkng and oth tadtonal pat. Elglty Cta

To lgl fo th gant, oganzaton mt mt all of th followng ta:

Mt at lat on of th followng: Rgtd non-poft oty Commnty v o-op Soal ntp wholly ownd y a non-poft, and n good tandng wth th Rgta of Compan Rgtd haty wth th Canadan Rvn Agny (CRA) Ft Naton and Mt hav an ndpndnt, atv govnng ody ompod of volnt. Th y-law mt hav povon that no Boad dto an mnatd fo ng a dto; taff mm annot votng mm of th Boad o Extv; Mt hav th dmontatd fntonal apaty and ffnt o to dlv th v and pogam to whh th Cty ng akd to ontt; Mt dmontat aommodaton, wlomn and opnn to popl of all ag, alt, xal ontaton, gnd dntt (nldng tan*, gnd-vaant and two-pt popl), thnt, ltal akgond, lgon, langag, nd-pntd ommnt and oo-onom ondton n t pol, pat and pogam, xpt n ntan wh th xlon of om gop qd fo anoth gop to fftvly tagtd; Mt ahv a mnmm of 1:1 lvag fom oth o, whh an nld ppot fom oth fnd and/o nttton, a wll a taff tm, pa and matal donatd o povdd y oth oganzaton to ppot th pojt; Th pogam fo whh fndng ng oght mt loatd n Vanov o, f not, mt dmontat t pmaly vng dnt of Vanov; A gnfant pntag of th popl to ppotd thogh th gant atvt mt Indgno. Fo mo nfomaton, vt http://vanov.a/popl-pogam/aognal-halng-and-wlln-gant.apx

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