Catholic Relief Services recruits 01 Regional Manager Ethics, Investigations and Prevention

Cathol Rlf Sv t 01 Rgonal Manag Eth, Invtgaton and Pvnton

Cathol Rlf Sv th offal ntnatonal hmantaan agny of th Cathol ommnty n th Untd Stat. CRS wok to av, pott, and tanfom lv n nd n mo than 100 ont, wthot gad to a, lgon o natonalty. CRS’ lf and dvlopmnt wok aomplhd thogh pogam of mgny pon, HIV, halth, aglt, daton, mofnan and paldng.

Jo Smmay

Th Rgonal Eth Manag wll th pont pon fo on o mo gon fo pvnton, dtton & pon to fad and afgadng volaton. S/h wll povd ongong ppot to CP on afgadng & fad pvnton and manag and lad a tam of nvtgato, tan & afgadng palt.

Rol and Ky Rponlt:

Manag and oodnat nvtgaton and oth pal adt and n ky tp ov th nt nvtgaton yl (plannng, fldwok, potng and follow p) a fftvly ad ot a p CRS Fad Allgaton Managmnt (FAM) & Safgadng Allgaton Managmnt (SAM) Pod, Pol, loal law and dono glaton. Engag CP and Rgonal taff to a omplant and allgaton, fomlat nvtgaton plan/SoW and dvlop modfy tt pod and tool fo nvtgaton and pal adt. Coodnat ppaaton of and/o ppa omphnv pot and ad ho f on nvtgaton and, ad on analy and fndng, mak ommndaton fo otv aton, mpovd ontol and ffny of CRS opaton. Povd ongong ppot and gdan to th gon and CP taff dng fad & afgadng nvtgaton. Efftvly manag th wok-flow of ndvdal a agnd & wok towad tmly olton and lo and n aload n th gon managd fftvly and Dto Fld Opaton appd on all lv a and tag of omplton. In ollaoaton wth Rgon & Conty Pogam managmnt, plan and pfom ont tt and amnt of ky fad pvnton and dtton po and ntnal ontol and flag ytm and opatonal wakn onttng to fad, opton, afgadng & o oth malpat and wok/nfln managmnt to mak qd hang. Povd thnal adv and olton to gonal and CP tam, motly and on-t gadng fad pvnton dtton; tatg to tngthn ntnal ontol ytm and pod; and apaty of th onty pogam to omply wth FAM and Safgadng pod, applal loal law, and dono qmnt. Monto, ppot and oodnat th wok of nvtgatv tam to n otpt mt qalty tandad and a dlvd aodng to talhd hdl. Efftvly manag talnt and pv. Manag tam dynam and taff wll-ng. Povd oahng, tatgally talo ndvdal dvlopmnt plan, and omplt pfoman amnt fo dt pot. Contt to th dvlopmnt and mplmntaton of agny-wd tandad and tool, nldng dtton and pon po to fad and afgadng volaton, gdln, potng fomat and how to nopoat h tandad nto lvant CRS n pat. Contt to apaty tngthnng atvt n afgadng volaton, fad and nvtgaton fo taff and patn thogh hlpng dvlop tanng tatg and agnda/lm, ondtng tanng and awan pogam, and mntong and oahng to CP taff. Contt to knowldg managmnt and lanng thogh olltng and analyzng lvant data, valatng and mang mpat of atvt, aptng and hang lon land and t pat, and ah and ntnal pot.
Jo qmnt

Knowldg, Skll and Alt (SKA)

Exllnt latonhp managmnt kll wth alty to nfln and gt y-n fom popl not nd dt pvon and to wok wth ndvdal n dv gogaphal and ltal ttng. Stong tatg, analytal, polm-olvng and ytm thnkng kll wth apaty to th g pt and alty to mak ond jdgmnt Stong wttn and oal ommnaton kll Poatv, ofl and lt-ontd Ethal ondt n aodan wth ognzd pofonal and oganzatonal od of th

Rqd Langag  – Flny n wttn and  ; om gon may q Fnh, Spanh o Aa

Tavl  – Wllngn and alty to tavl (appox. 40%)

Spvoy Rponlt

Dpnd on gon t old nld:

Sno Eth Off- Safgadng Sno Eth Off- Ant-Fad/Copton

Ky Wokng Rlatonhp: (Optonal)

Intnal:   Eth Unt Collag, Conty Rpntatv; Mm of th Eth Advoy Gop; Intnal Adt; OGC; th Safgadng Wokng Gop, Hman Ro, HRD, Patnhp, Potton, MEAL, Complan, Potton Thnal Advo.

Extnal:   Dono IG; Oth NGO Eth taff ;  Cata Intnatonal, Int Aton, oth CI Mm, NGO Staff.


Ba Qalfaton & Expn:

Bahlo’ dg n Aontng, Bn Admntaton o latd dpln qd. An MBA o a mat’ dg n aov palt pfd. CIA, CFE o CPA o mla qalfaton tongly pfd Mnmm of tn ya latd wok xpn, dally wth an ntnatonal At lat 5 of th ya ng a lad n adt, nvtgaton, fnanal vw o fnd agnt agnmnt. Extnv knowldg of, and xpn wokng wth, USG, DFID, Gloal Fnd and oth majo pl dono. Expn n mntong, oahng, faltaton and tanng applyng adlt lanng pnpl and pat. Spvoy and taff managmnt xpn and alt that a ondv to a lanng nvonmnt.

Agny-wd Comptn (fo all CRS Staff)

Th a ootd n th mon, val, and gdng pnpl of CRS and d y ah taff mm to flfll h o h ponlt and ahv th dd lt.

Intgty Contno Impovmnt & Innovaton Bld Rlatonhp Dvlop Talnt Statg Mndt Aontalty & Stwadhp

What w off

CRS off a omphnv nft pakag nldng mdal, dntal, lf nan, von, gno tmnt avng plan and th oppotnty to wok n a ollaoatv, mon-dvn lt that ommttd to mpovng th lv of th poo thoghot th wold.

Po potl à pot vllz vt  .talo.nt .

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