CBTRUST seeks Proposals for Environmental Education Grant – U.S.

CBTRUST k Popoal fo Envonmntal Edaton Gant – U.S.

Dadln: 10-D-20

Th Chapak Bay Tt (CBTRUST) kng popoal fo t Envonmntal Edaton Gant Pogam that dgnd to ppot th advanmnt of nvonmntal ltay nng vy tdnt n Mayland gadat wth th knowldg, kll, and appaton fo nat to tak ponl aton to pott and to th loal nvonmnt.

Sd Gant Th Chapak Bay Tt a nonpoft, gant-makng oganzaton ddatd to mpovng th ay, tam, v, fot, pak, and oth natal o of loal ytm, fom th Chapak to th Coatal Bay to th Yoghoghny Rv.

Th Tt ommttd to th advanmnt of dvty and nlon n t awad-makng and nvonmntal wok. A a lt, th Tt tongly noag applaton dtly fom ndpntd gop, and fo pojt that na awan and patpaton of ommnt that a tadtonally ndpntd, h a ommnt of olo.

Fndng Infomaton

Th Tt ha mad avalal $300,000 n FY21 fo th Envonmntal Edaton Gant Pogam. Pojt Typ

Tak 1. Sngl Ya Rqt. Th a th typ of ngl ya popoal: Envonmntal Ltay (p to $40,000), Envonmntal Ltay Plannng (p to $40,000), Otdoo Claoom (p to $20,000). Tak 2. Mlt-Ya Rqt: Popoal fo p to $40,000 p ya fo p to th ya fo pojt that fo on th talhmnt o nhanmnt of ytm and tanal MWEE that a ntgatd nto a hool dtt’ lm. Elglty Cta

Th Tt wlom qt fom th followng oganzaton:

Pl and Indpndnt Hgh Edatonal Inttton 501()3 Pvat Nonpoft Oganzaton Mnpal, Conty, Rgonal, Stat, Fdal Pl Agn Commnty Aoaton Sv, Yoth, and Cv Gop Sol/Wat Convaton Dtt & Ro Convaton and Dvlopmnt Conl Fath-ad Oganzaton If th oganzaton atgoy not ltd aov, ontat th Tt to vfy lglty po to mttng th applaton. Applaton mttd fom oganzaton otd of th atgo may not lgl fo fndng. Fo mo nfomaton, vt http://tt.og/gant/nvonmntal-daton/

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