CFPs for CSOs to Monitor and Provide Awareness for Specialized SGBV Courts E (Liberia)

CFPs for CSOs to Monitor and Provide Awareness for Specialized SGBV Courts E (Liberia)


UNDP is seeking proposals from qualified CSOs/CBOs to establish a network of women CSOs, and collaborate with the INCHR and CSO Human Rights Platform to provide awareness on and monitor Courts E in Montserrado, Bong and Nimba counties.

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The Joint Rule of Law Programme’s engagement in this area seeks to address key developmental challenges by promoting the rights of women, gender equality, and children’s rights while ensuring that physical and legal protection, as well as psychological wellbeing of people, communities and civil society and that their access to justice is enhanced.

The Programme will support an enabling environment for growth and development by strengthening transparency institutions to increase accountability and combat corruption while introducing policy and structural reforms to ensure that the judiciary and relevant law enforcement agencies—in close collaboration with other relevant sectors—provide timely, credible, predictable and acceptable responses to crimes and legal disputes.


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Establish a network of women-led CSOs, and collaborate with INCHR and CSO Human Rights Advocacy Platform;
Conduct public awareness on the services provided by Courts E in Montserrado, Bong or Nimba counties;
Monitor the performance of Courts E in Montserrado, Bong or Nimba County including but not limited to:
tracking individual cases from the report to the police till final determination in court
the rate of case disposal
the timeliness of disposal
provide an understanding of factors stalling cases
effectiveness of the preparation of witnesses
sentences imposed and their proportionality to the offense
the extent to which cases are settled out of court and factors driving such decisions
factors affecting investigation and prosecution
the proportion of reported cases that are investigated
where investigated cases are not charged to court, reasons, why they are not charged to court and factors, considered
rate of conviction and acquittal
factors leading to and reasons for acquittal
Provide regular updates as well as progress and financial reports.
Eligibility Criteria

Grant will be awarded to CSO/CBO based on the following considerations:

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National and/or local women’s led, Women’s rights/movements Civil Society Organization (CSO)/Community Based Organizations (CBO);
The CSO/CBO is duly registered in Liberia and must have an office in the proposed county.
The organization’s proven administrative and financial management capacity to undertake the project;
The relevance of the proposal to achieving the expected results and related budget; and
The institutional capacity of the CSO/CBO.
Selection Criteria

The proposal will be selected on the basis of technical (75%) and financial (25%) assessments.
The technical assessment will review the following:
The relevance of the proposal to achieving expected results (30%);
Experience working with UNDP (5%);
Local experience and presence (15%);
Realistic work plan and timeline to complete activities (5%);
Applicants’ institutional capacity and relevant experience (15%);
Sustainability of intervention (5%)
The financial assessment will review:
Value for money (20%);
Administrative management (5%)
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