City of Vancouver is Ready for Childcare Enhancement Grant – Canada

Cty of Vanov Rady fo Chlda Enhanmnt Gant – Canada

Dadln: 13-Nov-20

If yo a omody who lookng fo a pop a of th hld wth no wo, Th Cty of Vanov Chlda Enhanmnt Pogam t fo thm. Th Cty of Vanov good to go fo t Chlda Enhanmnt Gant Pogam whh fo non-poft lnd, gop hld a, phool, hool-agd a and oaonal hld a pogam that v pmaly hgh nd faml.

Sd Gant Gant a ntndd to ppot th qalty and affodalty of lnd pogam to n a to tho faml mot n nd of th ppot. Fnd a to d fo pogam nhanmnt and not fo aptal xpndt.


Atng pogam vng low and modt nom faml to d pant f; Stngthnng oodnatd admntaton thogh th ommnty h modl; Povdng a food pplmnt pogam (.g., hot lnh and akfat); and, Enhanng taff ato to tt v hgh-nd hldn. Fndng Infomaton

Th maxmm gant $27,000 p qalfyng pogam (maxmm 3 pogam p oganzaton). Fo Aa

Chldn fom ngl pant faml, Chldn who v fll o poatd Affodal Chld Ca Bnft, Chldn who v fll Affodal Chld Ca Bnft and th pant poton pad y th Mnty of Chldn and Famly Dvlopmnt, Indgno hldn, Chldn fom nw mmgant o fg faml (n Canada l than 5 ya), Chldn fom mmgant o fg faml who a nal to a Povnal Chlda dy d to aon oth than fnanal lglty, Chldn who hav n ad a havng xta ppot nd t who do not v addtonal fndng thogh th Mnty of Chldn and Famly Dvlopmnt, Chldn who pak a langag oth than Englh at hom. Elglty Cta

All oganzaton applyng to a Cty of Vanov oal poly gant pogam mt mt th followng pmay ta: B a gtd non-poft oty, ommnty v o-op o oal ntp wholly ownd y a non-poft and n good tandng wth th Rgta of Compan; o a gtd haty, n good tandng wth th Canadan Rvn Agny. Hav an ndpndnt, atv govnng ody ompod of volnt. Th oganzaton mt dmontat aommodaton, wlomn and opnn to popl of all ag, alt, xal ontaton, gnd dntt (nldng tan, gnd-vaant and two-pt popl), thnt, ltal akgond, lgon, langag, nd-pntd ommnt and oo-onom ondton n t pol, pat and pogam, xpt n ntan wh th xlon of om gop qd fo anoth gop to fftvly tagtd, Th Oganzaton mt n omplan wth th Canadan Chat of Rght and Fdom and th Bth Colma Hman Rght Cod. Hav dmontatd fntonal apaty and ffnt o to dlv th pogam, to whh th Cty ng akd to ontt, Dlv th fndd pogam n Vanov to Vanov dnt. In addton to mtng th pmay ta, oganzaton applyng fo a Cv Chlda Enhanmnt Gant mt atfy th followng: Monthly f may not gat than 2.5% aov th pvo ya’ ty-wd avag, ad on th mot nt Wtoat Chlda Ro Cnt Soty’ f vy. If applyng fo a gant fo an nfant/toddl and/o 3-5 ya hlda pogam, th oganzaton mt hav optd-n to th Chld Ca F Rdton Intatv fndd y th Povn of BC, Sv a hgh nd, ‘at k’ poplaton o nghohood a dtmnd thogh n nfomaton and Ealy Dvlopmnt Intmnt (EDI) data, Dmontat a nd fo th fndng thogh pogam dgt and fnanal tatmnt. Fo mo nfomaton, vt http://vanov.a/popl-pogam/hlda-nhanmnt-gant.apx

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