Clemmons Community Foundation seeking Applications for Shore Community Grants – U.S.

Clmmon Commnty Fondaton kng Applaton fo Sho Commnty Gant – U.S.

Dadln: 02-Ot-20

Th Clmmon Commnty Fondaton nvtng and noagng applaton fom tax-xmpt, nonpoft oganzaton n Yadkn Conty fo t Sho Commnty Gant that at tanfomatv, long-tm, and tangl olton fo nmt ommnty nd and ntt.

1000 nw gant and dono Th Sho Commnty Gant a dgnd to fnd mpatfl pojt and ntatv that nhan th lv and ommnt n Yadkn Conty. Th gant oppotnty pat of h hatal qt.

Fndng Infomaton

Gant wll awadd p to $12,000. Gant popoal may fo a 6, 9, o 12-month pod. Elglty Cta

Vw and vng gant nfomaton Oganzaton mt lafd a on of th followng: IRS gtd oganzaton wth a ltt dtmnaton a tax-xmpt 501()(3) (xldng 509(a) pvat fondaton); gtd and lnd to olt n th tat of Noth Caolna, nl xmpt; and povdng pogam and v n Yadkn Conty Govnmntal o qa-govnmntal agn An oganzaton mt hav n n xtn fo at lat th ya (ad on dat of IRS dtmnaton ltt) and hav ahvd a od of fftv v and tanalty On o mo of th followng oad atgo may addd:? Anmal Wlfa At and Clt (that ontt to a vant ommnty) Commnty Dvlopmnt and Engagmnt Eonom Sty and Oppotnt Famly Sv Halth and Wlln Hman Sv and Ba Nd Stanal Aglt and Natal Ro Stwadhp Yoth Dvlopmnt Wokfo Dvlopmnt and Entpnal Cltvaton Fo oganzaton that wok wth th agng and no tzn poplaton, on o mo of th followng onn may addd: Haltha A and Navgatng Inan Covag Hong (Alty and Modfaton) Soal Empowmnt and Engagmnt Tanpotaton A and Molty Wlln (Phyal, Mntal, Emotonal) Collaoatv pojt ndtakn n patnhp wth mltpl nonpoft oganzaton a alo noagd. Fo mo nfomaton, vt http://www.lmmonfondaton.og/apply/yadkn-gant

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