Combatting Illicit Economies Programme 2021

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Combatting Illicit Economies Programme 2021

Deadline: 29-Aug-21

Proposals are invited for Illicit Economies Programme (CIEP)- a programme funded through the UK with the British Embassy, Colombia and other British Embassies in the Latin America region.

The Combatting’s Conflict Stability and Security Fund partners with countries in Latin America to tackle threats including serious organised crime (from drugs to money laundering to environmental crime), grand corruption and instability/conflict.


To better understand the vulnerability of the focus countries to illicit financial flows and relevant importance of those flows the CIEP seeks an implementing partner who will be able to analyse such vulnerability and prioritise them according to a matrix with four variables:

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Channels used for illicit financial flows (e.g., international trade, foreign direct investment, etc.)
Volume of those flows
Counterpart countries where those flows originate or are destined (not restricted to the focus countries) and
Sectors generating those flows (e.g., classification based on the Harmonised System used for international trade)

They are seeking an implementer to carry out a series of country-specific analyses wrapped ultimately into a regional analysis.
It is anticipated the majority of the research will be able to be completed from public, open sources although some close-source interviews may also be necessary. As appropriate, Embassies in region may be able to assist the implementer in making contact with key stakeholders in State agencies/institutions and in order to provide a fuller picture of the movement of IFFs within or out of a country.
Albeit some country-specific, sectoral analysis is called for to demonstrate where and how IFFs are generated within focus countries, the report should nonetheless concentrate on cross-border flows and so as to improve understanding of the international dynamics/mechanisms (trade-based money laundering; free-trade zones etc) that allow for IFFs to proliferate across the region.
Funding Information

The project bid should not exceed GBP150,000 albeit the programme will consider bids proposing compelling activity in excess of that.
Geographical Focus

The focus countries which the programme seeks analysis of are:

Ecuador and t
he Dominican Republic.
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