Annual Community Commitment Grants – US

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Annual Community Commitment Grants – US

Deadline: 31-Aug-21

The Community Foundation of East Central Illinois is seeking applications for Annual Community Commitment Grants to encourage and receive contributions establishing endowments for the long-term benefit of east-central Illinois.

Funding Information

The committee typically considers requests for durable, non-disposable items. Grants have historically ranged from $500 to $7,500, although the Foundation may consider larger grants that demonstrate a high degree of agency collaboration and cooperation.
Types of Projects or Programs Supported

Community Foundation of East Central Illinois invites proposals in the areas of arts and humanities, environment, education, health and human services, urban affairs and youth activities. While applications in any of these categories will be considered, awards may not be made in every category. Successful proposals will address problems to be solved or opportunities to be seized upon in the east central Illinois area. You are encouraged to submit proposals that:

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Top Brands with successful CSR Activities

Suggest practical approaches to addressing community problems;
Promote collaboration and cooperation among agencies;
Generate community support, both professional and volunteer;
Strengthen an agency’s effectiveness or stability.
Types of Projects not supported

The Foundation does not provide grant money for the following:

Annual operating budgets (including staffing, training or marketing costs);
Meals, per diems, travel expenses, conference attendance;
Loans or assistance to be given to individuals, including gift cards, gift certificates, stipends or other incentives;
Consultant’s expenses;
Endowments, capital campaigns, general support;
Costs already incurred;
Political candidates or partisan purposes;
Sectarian purposes unless the program or project is open to the entire community regardless of religious belief and does not include sectarian or religious training;
For-profit entities;
Start-up costs for new agencies (new programs or projects within an established agency are eligible).
Eligibility Criteria

Any organization with an IRS Letter of Determination of a charitable tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status or other comparable non-profit public charity that serves the residents of east central Illinois is eligible to apply.
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