P&G Alumni Foundation opens Grant Cycle for 2021

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P&G Alumni Foundation opens Grant Cycle for 2021

Deadline: 14-May-21

The P&G Alumni Foundation is seeking application from organisations to improve quality of life by economically empowering individuals in need to achieve greater financial independence and economic well-being for themselves, their families and their communities around the world.

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Additionally, the Foundation plans to facilitate communication and the sharing of best practices among Alumni actively involved in any philanthropic endeavours.

Now in their 15th year of grant-making, they encourage a charitable organization to apply if their mission aligns with the Foundation’s mission of economic empowerment and a P&G Alum is actively and meaningfully involved.

USD 1 million Partnership Fund for SDG Impact Projects

Call for Applications: New Programme focusing on rapid development of Vaccines for protection against new variants

Grassroots International Organizations to receive up to $50,000 under this Grant Cycle

This Program is the answer to the most pressing Questions and compelling Opportunities in Education. Apply Now!

Financial Support for Research Projects that protect and preserve Wildlife

Voluntary Multi-donor Fund offering up to 100,000 USD to NGOs

Apply for a chance to win 2,500 EUR for your Climate Change Story!

This Call is open to accelerate Sustainable Urban Development

Research Grants of up to C$1 million per Women’s Empowerment Projects

SDG Funding of $20,000 is available for Women Empowerment and Gender Equality

Dutch Organisation giving grants to strengthen the skills of Women and Young Girls

This call is open to fund Projects with a Social Impact: Apply Now!

Funding Schemes for Large and Small-scale Projects helping to tackle Climate Change

Core Support Grants for Feminist Groups and Initiatives

Youth Initiative to enhance Peace and Security and Improve Democratic Governance in Africa

The Foundation invests in programing that contributes toward real employment including:

Job skills development & vocational training.
Business-related skills education & training.
Entrepreneurial or business ventures viable in local communities.
Eligibility criteria

The Foundation accepts grant requests from tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations in the U.S. and from charitable equivalents outside the U.S. subject to the following eligibility requirements:
Your mission and the project or program seeking funding must be strongly aligned with the Foundation’s mission of economically empowering those in need.
Your proposal must demonstrate how it contributes toward sustainable employment opportunities (e.g., job skills development, vocational training, business-related skills education & training, entrepreneurial or business ventures, etc.) and how you will measure results.
One or more P&G Alums must be actively and meaningfully involved with the charitable organization for a minimum of one year.
The charitable organization must be in existence for a minimum of two fiscal years and provide financial statements upon request.
Grants are annual awards and limited to one-year commitments.
Qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations in the United States or equivalents internationally can submit an application. Given IRS rules and regulations, we can’t accept Applications
from organizations in the U.S. designated as 501(c)(6) (e.g., business leagues,
chambers of commerce, boards of trade, and similar organizations) nor 501(c)(4) (e.g.,
civic league, membership organizations, etc.).
Religious organizations will be considered if the project or program is strongly aligned
with our mission of economic empowerment, meets our eligibility requirements, and does
not discriminate based on religious affiliation.
Vetting Procedures
Nonprofits registered in the U.S. are subject to ensuring compliance with IRS regulations governing 501(c)(3) organizations including a review of the GuideStar Charity Check. International charitable organizations not registered in the U.S. are required to complete due diligence as prescribed by the Grants Committee prior to receiving a grant award if selected.
This due diligence will continue to ensure that their grant partners are performing their charitable work in a transparent and accountable manner while meeting registration requirements with local governments.
Information to complete the due diligence should be easily accessible by the nonprofit and ordinary in nature. There is no cost to the nonprofit for completing the due diligence review process.
For more information, visit https://pgalumnifoundation.org/2021-grant-process/