Rozsa Foundation announces Aspiration Grants – Canada

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Rozsa Foundation announces Aspiration Grants – Canada

Deadline: 10-Sep-21

The Rozsa Foundation is pleased to announce the Aspiration Grants to support arts organizations at key junctures as they look toward an aspirational vision for the future.

When applying for an Aspiration Grant, organizations should address the following in the project description:

What is the organization’s history with this kind of work and why is this time different?
Why is now the right time to be undertaking this work?
What are the key benefits this work will bring to the organization, both now and potentially in the future?
How does this work fit into the organization’s aspirational vision for the future?
Additional Points

Aspiration Grants support a range of key administrative & management processes, including:
Strategic and succession planning
Business model examinations & business continuity plans, including explorations of possible mergers or suspensions
Equity and anti-racism training and work
Governance review
Financial systems upgrades
Human resource systems
Development of marketing plans
Fund development assistance
Technical resources
When applying for funding to support the processes, it is important to articulate the significant impact the work will have for the organization by being undertaken at this time.
New programming initiatives that advance your organization’s artistic or presentation practices are also eligible, including programs that involve collaboration between artists, arts companies, or other non-profit organizations.
When applying for funding to support programming initiatives, it is important to articulate where the potential for significant organizational impact lies resulting from the program, whether it is in the development of a stronger business model, the creation of a new revenue stream, a long-term beneficial partnership, or in another way.
Eligibility Criteria

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The following requirements apply to all Rozsa Foundation granting streams:

You must be a charity with a valid CRA charitable business number (9 digits, 2 letters, 4 digits).
You must be an arts-focused organization or be applying for support in engaging the arts to further your mission.
The focus of the investment is in Calgary and the surrounding area (including Rocky View County, MD Foothills, Banff, Canmore, Drumheller, and Rosebud) as well as to provincial organizations whose initiatives will directly benefit the Calgary arts sector. Action Learning Projects are eligible regardless of where in Alberta the organization is based.
Organizations located outside of these areas may still be eligible but should contact hem prior to beginning the application.
For more information, visit