Social Dialogue Decent Work Programme in Bulgaria

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Social Dialogue Decent Work Programme in Bulgaria

Deadline: 16-Dec-21

The Norway Grants is seeking applications for its Social Dialogue Decent Work Programme in Bulgaria.

The objective of the Programme is strengthened tripartite cooperation between employer organisations, trade unions and public authorities and the promotion of decent work. It will support social dialogue, contribute to ensure that Beneficiary States are better equipped to deal with the challenges following high unemployment and to establish decent work practices, and improve the enforcement of legislation and policies on decent work and social dialogue. These objectives have become even more important during the ongoing pandemic, and a well-functioning social dialogue would be decisive for finding responses to labour market challenges aggravated by the Covid crisis.

The Programme will also seek to stimulate and develop long-term bilateral cooperation between Norway and all the Beneficiary States covered by the Programme.


Projects shall contribute to strengthened cooperation between employer organisations, trade unions and public authorities, preferably in close cooperation with Norwegian partners. Funding is available for projects which support social dialogue, improve decent work practices and facilitate access to employment.

Funding Information

The total amount available for financing of projects from this call is EUR 310,000.
The minimum amount of grant assistance applied for shall be EUR 20,000.
The maximum amount of grant assistance applied for shall be EUR 100,000.

The Programme in Bulgaria is expected to reach the following two outcomes:

Improved social dialogue and cooperation – the focus is to strengthen social dialogue and its effect. Projects can range from very direct measures, e.g. set up structures for social dialogue and support the conclusion of collective agreements, to more indirect measures like creating a social dialogue-friendly environment, e.g. for discussing undeclared work and social dumping or responses to remedy the negative impact of the Covid crisis on the labour market.
Enhanced implementation of the decent work agenda (fair and decent working conditions) – the focus is to finance projects at national and sector level with the objective to use bipartite and tripartite dialogue in the implementation of the decent work agenda. The aim is to increase the number of employees and enterprises that have improved decent work arrangements. The programme will raise awareness of the benefits of decent work, e.g. work-life balance, gender equality and non-discrimination, attitudes on health and safety, knowledge about rights and obligations and the fight against undeclared work and social dumping (work-related crime).
Eligibility Criteria

The following entities, constituted as legal entities in Bulgaria or in Norway, are considered eligible project applicants and partners:
social partners (employers’ organisations and trade unions);
public authorities and institutions that have statutory roles related to decent work or tripartite cooperation, and;
organisations of public authorities that have within their mandate the promotion of decent work and/or tripartite dialogue.
Norwegian entities are only eligible as applicants in partnership with at least one legal entity established in Bulgaria. The role of any Norwegian applicant, project promotor and project partner is to contribute to ensuring social dialogue and decent work in Bulgaria.
For more information, visit–arkiv/eea-grants/decent-work/3rd-call-texts/final-sddw-3rd-call-for-proposals-bulgaria-2021.pdf