Concern Worldwide recruits 01 Country Financial Controller

Conn Woldwd t 01 Conty Fnanal Contoll

Conn Woldwd

Add Aaa,Ethop
Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

Conty Fnanal Contoll (1118) Th a 12 month, nw ol wth aompand tm ad n Add Aaa (wth tavl to th fld a 20%) wth an annal alay of Gad 5, €45,859 – €50,954. Yo wll pot to th Conty Dto (wth matx potng ln to Ova Fnanal Contoll and Rgonal Aontant) and wll ln manag Had of Gant and Complan Unt and Had of Fnan Unt n Add Aaa (wth matx pvon of gonal fnan off) and wok loly wth Conn Ethopa SMT and CMT mm, all Conn taff, Dln Fnan and lvant xtnal takhold. W wold lk yo to tat a oon a pol. Yo ppo : Th Conty Fnanal Contoll (CFC) ponl fo managng all apt of th fnan fnton of th Conn Woldwd Ethopa onty pogamm o that w ahv o ojtv n ln wth Conn Woldwd, dono and govnmnt pol, pod, l and glaton. Yo wll ponl fo : Fnanal Sytm and ContolEn that onty fnanal managmnt ytm and od a adqat n od to dntfy and pott th at and ntt of th oganzaton.En that th ytm and pod n pla nhan, a fa a pol, th ffny and fftvn of th mann n whh at a tlzd.Mantanng and montong an fftv and ffnt ytm of ntnal ontol (.. ldg, ahook, alan ht onlaton, ah and ank managmnt t.) whh omply wth Conn Woldwd’ fnanal gdln and mnm th k of fad o mappopaton.Enng fnanal ytm of th onty pogamm a opatng n ln wth tandad Conn pod and thy mt th montong and potng qmnt of th Conty Managmnt Tam, Dono and Natonal AthotEn that th onty fnanal opaton omply wth lgal and tattoy qmnt .g. adt and fnanal potng to all lvant natonal athot.Wth th ppot of th fnan tam, kp p to dat wth dono glaton and n that all ontol a n pla to mt dono omplan.Sppot th SD n nng th a omplt od of aptal at and that thy a adqatly afgaddOganng and ppotng fnanal amnt, vw, montong and tanng of loal patn oganaton;Undtakng gla fld vt to a th fnanal ytm n pla & mplmnt mpovmnt whv nddCloly monto all fnanal atvt, and kp th CD/Sno Managmnt Tam advd of all taton that hav th potntal fo a ngatv mpat on ntnal ontol o fnanal managmnt pfoman.Aptng, advanng and png any nw ojtv o ponlt that may agnd y th Conty Dto nldng tanf of xtng dt and/o -agnmnt to oth ponlt hold th oganaton o qEn that th gloal aontng pakag (Mooft Gat Plan) mantand n a pop mann, and tlzd n an appopat and fftv mannUndtakng fnanal amnt & valaton of patn, n ln wth Conn’ tandad fnanal podPatpatng n th vw, montong and apaty ldng of patn Fnanal Rpotng and Dono RpotngAt th CD and dgt-hold n ppang dgt and von n ln wth tatg plan and oganatonal ojtv. Th nvolv ppotng, faltatng and onoldatng th fnanal dgt.En pop odng of nom and xpndt to omply wth Conn and dono glaton.Podng monthly managmnt aont (dgt v. atal) and wokng wth th pogamm tam and dpatmnt manag to ndtand th xpndt pot (managmnt aont) and dgtOvng th aat ppaaton of fnanal pot and nng oth oganatonal and dono qmnt a mt wthn agd tmfamOvng th po of fo nw pojt/pogamm dgt and vwMantanng a dono fnanal managmnt ytm n od to optmz fndng and to n ffnt and aat potng to dono, nldng dono omplanEnng tmly and aat ppaaton of fnanal pot fo Conn’ Had Off (Fnanal Rpotng Pak (.. FRP)En all alan ht tm a onld on a tmly a, n aodan wth Conn Woldwd pol & podFnal ya nd aont fo th xtnal adto and povd any ad-ho fnan pot fo Conn’ Had OffPovd fnanal analy wh nay pally on maxmzng avalal fnd and adv to CD. Staff Managmnt and Capaty BldngPovdng ladhp and dton fo th n-onty Fnan TamDvlop a ond lay of taff who an fll th gap whnv any poton vaant n th fnan tamUndtak pf tanng, apaty ldng and oth lvant ntatv to n natonal taff pfom th ol and ponlt wth aay and pofonalm and alo at th pa fo natonal taff to dvlop nto dl anddat to fll vaant poton n th fnan tam and to povd tong ov fo lav.Povdng tanng and ppot to fnanal and non-fnanal taff gadng Conn’ fnanal pod and ntnal ontol Undtak fnanal tanng of dgt-hold, to at thm n nfong fnanal ontol and makng don ad on fnanal pot.Enng Conn’ val and poly ommtmnt, nldng aontalty and qalty, a fltd n th wok of th Fnan Tam/Dpatmnt;En that Jo Dpton of fld fnan a p to datEn that PDR a ompltd fo all onty fnan taff at lat annally Dono Managmnt En that dono pot t ak to th gnal ldg fom GP and dono ognal dgtEn taff poton a mappd to dono fndng, nng that gap a dntfd and nldd n ft dono popoal, wth don mad on lmnatng poton f th n’t ffnt fndng fo th ol n onltaton wth CMTEn all lvant dono gdln, pol, popoal, pod pot and oth ommnaton a adly avalal, atgozd y gant, and domntd n oft and had opy flngRvw of ppad dono dgt Oth fnanal dtFaltat ntnal, xtnal and dono adt and aoatd vw of fld ytmEn that all tattoy ddton & tax n pt of natonal taff a ompld wth & to la wth lvant athot n th pt.Rvw and talhd an fftv montong ytm fo th donaton n Knd (DIK) o that all tm vd fom dono a DIK and dtt to nfa a odng poply and onlaton pod nd to dvlop to pa th adt tal.At Conty Dto to pdat th dlgaton of athoty domnt n ln wth fndamntal hang (Nw pojt/ lod pojt/ taff tt/mgny pon/ t.)Implmnt th fnan ytm latd fdak povdd y Rgonal Aontant o ntnal adto.At n th dvlopmnt and mplmntaton of th Conty’ Statg PlanContt to th dvlopmnt of th onty’ tatg dton and to th ovall ladhp of th onty pogammAny oth fnan-latd agnmntConty Spf TakEn omplan wth IPSAS potng qmntEn omplan wth all oth n-onty lgal and glatoy qmnt latng to fnan Conn Cod of Condt and Aoatd PolEn adhn to th Conn Cod of Condt and Aoatd PolEn fnan taff ndtandng and adh to th Conn Cod of Condt and Aoatd PolEn th Co Hmantaan Standad (CHS) a ndtood y fnan taffContt to and n that th Ethopa pogamm dlv on t aontalty ommtmnt.Pomot an oganzaton nvonmnt whh fa, opn, pottv and whh fot a lanng lt. ConfdntaltyEn th non-dlo of any nfomaton whatov aqd n th o of dty, latng to th pat and n of Conn Woldwd, to any oth pon o Oganzaton wthot athoty, xpt n nomal xton of th aov dtEn tt gadanhp and ty of fnanal data and domnt at all tm, nldng toag, aat & omplt flng and lmtng a to th fnan off to athod ponnl onlyEn tt adhn to Conn Fnanal Pod and Fad Poly and manng wthn th onda of th pol at all tm Gnd Eqty : Wth th PD, n adqat fnanal o a avalal fo gnd mantamng dng th popoal vw poWth th PD, n that dgt alloatd fo gnd mantamng a flly tlzd and o d to maxmm fft Emgny Rpon : Conn ommttd to pondng to mgn ffntly and fftvly n od to hlp afftd popl mt th a nd, allvat ffng and mantan th dgnty. To th nd, whn mgn tk and Ethopa Pogamm to pond, all taff a qd to atvly patpat n th pon, gadl of loaton and ontt to th ffot amd at ahvng th hmantaan ojtv of th oganzaton. Yo kll and xpn wll nld : Ental : Aontany Qalfaton (.g. CPA, ACA, ACCA,CIMA)3 ya pot qalfaton xpn n a mla ntnatonal oganzatonExpn n dono dgtng and fnanal potng.Expn n dvlopng taff thnal and managmnt apatyExpn managng lag and mlt dono (pally ECHO, DFID, WFP, Ih Ad t.) pogamm dgtExpn managng ACSO and govnmnt qmntMt flly flnt n Englh.Empathy wth Conn’ goal and val, patlaly qaltyStong ommtmnt to apaty ldng, potton and patpaton nldng Conn’ P4. Dal : Knowldg of dvlopmnt and onpt.Expn of wokng/lvng n an n and hah nvonmntAlty to wok nd p to mt tght dadlnGood tam wokGood Commnaton and ngotaton kllKnowldg of ompt applaton .. Mooft Wod, Exl, ommnaton ytm.Expn n IPSAS potng W wold alo lk : Co ltal awan and ntvtyGood ommnaton and tanng / apaty ldng kllPovn oganatonal, plannng and managmnt kllAlty to wok on own ntatv and lad dv tamFlxl and adaptal to a hangng nvonmntStong ntponal and tam wok kllAll applaton hold mttd thogh o wt at  http://jo.onn.nt  y long dat. CV’ hold no mo than 4 pag n lngth.  D to th gny of th poton, applaton wll hot ltd on a gla a and w may off pot fo th long dat. Conn Woldwd an Ih-ad non-govnmntal, ntnatonal, hmantaan oganaton ddatd to th dton of ffng and wokng towad th ltmat lmnaton of xtm povty n th wold’ poot ont. Domnt2020 T&C’ Band 5 Aompand.pdf (24.44 KB)CFC-Ethopa-2020.pdf (39.02 KB)Fth LnkO wok n Ethopa Salay :  €45,859 – €50,954 Bad n Conty :  Ethopa Jo Ttl :  Conty Fnanal Contoll Contat Typ :  Aompand (flly) Fxd Tm Intnatonal Contat Annal Allowan :  2,500 Bnft :  attahd Clong Dat : 28 Oto 2020 Loaton :  Add Aaa POSTULER

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