Dalberg recruits 01 Skills development associate

Dalberg recruits 01 Skills development associate

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Localisation Dakar / Sénégal
Expiration 12 Mars 2021
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Job Title
Skills Development Associate
Dalberg Advisors
Job Category
Dakar, SN (multi-location)
Closing Date
12 Mar 2021

Job Description

We are a global group working to build a more inclusive and sustainable world where all people, everywhere, can reach their fullest potential. We partner with and serve communities, governments, and companies throughout the world, providing an innovative mix of advisory, investment, research, analytics, and design services.
Today’s complex global problems require new solutions.
Comprised of Dalberg Advisors, Dalberg Data Insights, Dalberg Design, Dalberg Media and Dalberg Research; our businesses approach problems differently and work together to create impact at scale.
We are from everywhere, at home anywhere – an African and American company as much as an Asian, Middle Eastern, and European one.

Dalberg is a place where a diverse mix of talented individuals are able to bring their authentic selves to work – whether it’s how you identify, where you come from, the languages you speak, the person you love, the way you worship.
Dalberg is a home where people feel safe, understood, nurtured and encouraged to grow.

As a team of 450+ people from 50 countries, speaking over 90 languages collectively, with 40%+ female leadership team, Dalberg places diversity, equity and inclusion principles at the heart of our organization and the work we do alongside our clients, partners and communities.

Established in 2001 by experienced private sector consultants, Dalberg operates from 29 worldwide locations. For more information, please visit Dalberg.

You are passionate about the idea of supporting the skills development of Dalbergians.
You are both a strategic thinker and an effective implementer.
You are energetic in finding creative approaches to talent sourcing. You apply an evidence-based approach to inform decision-making and recommendations.
You believe in building global development leaders and taking a diverse and inclusive approach to the way we think about our talent and people. You are able to work well both individually and as part of a global team, effectively coordinating multiple stakeholders.
You are able to coordinate Dalberg’s skills development strategy for the West Africa region (Abidjan, Conakry, Dakar and other cities under consideration), as well as the execution of human resources functions in these offices, then this position may be for you.
You will be working under the supervision of the Director of Human Resources and Talent for the West Africa Region.


Qualifications and skills required:
• Excellent understanding of trends, innovations and best practices in skills development and innovative learning modalities (serious games, mobile learning, e-learning, etc.)
• Professional degree in science, psychology, management or a higher diploma
• At least 3 years of professional experience
• Proficiency in French and English (spoken and written)
• Good understanding of the organization and different business lines and the interactions between these
• Experience in professional services firms (e.g. consulting, law or accounting firms)
• Strategic vision and a good sense of anticipating changes to enable the company to be forward-thinking with regards to medium term changes in the business environment
• Critical thinking, attention to detail and problem-solving skills, as well as strong analytical skills, especially qualitative human resource analysis and the ability to synthesize results to inform decision-making
• Strong HR culture and knowledge of different interviewing techniques for assessment, career promotion and talent management development
• Ability to manage several processes simultaneously, to adjust priorities if necessary, to work under pressure, to manage modules transparently and to meet tight deadlines
• Availability to travel abroad if necessary

Relational and emotional skills required
• Empathy and the ability to listen in order to understand the aspirations of employees and assess, based on their motivations, their potential to grow in a new position
• Sensitivity and discretion in the treatment of confidential information
• Intercultural sensitivity, knowledge and ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds
• Experience of working with colleagues in multiple locations is an asset; some flexibility in working hours will be required to allow collaboration with people in other offices around the world
• Excellent interpersonal, presentation, verbal and written communication and team management skills

Desired digital skills
• Knowledge and/or experience of the human resource management culture, HR/labour regulations in several countries, including Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea and Senegal
• Ability to learn and use software packages such as Deltek Maconomy and Talent, Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, etc.), SharePoint, Alumni Fire, and others
• Knowledge of social media and other professional networks (e.g. Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc.) ;

Coordination and centralization of the semi-annual performance assessment process and definition of skills enhancement priorities
• Leading the reflection, in liaison with managers and human resources managers, on the skills and performance assessment process
• Make the assessment tools available to all managers and train them in their use
• Liaise with all managers and human resources managers to provide visibility in terms of detection/evaluation of potential and performance
• Aggregate the formalized results of the annual interviews of all employees in order to assess their career development goals, their degree of satisfaction with the company and the position they occupy, and the development of their skills
• Anticipate the company’s medium- and long-term developments by setting up forward-looking skills management plans

Design and piloting of Dalberg’s skills development system in West Africa, through solutions that support the company’s strategy
• Formalize the skills development strategy in line with the global policy, at the office and individual level, by launching innovative and flexible initiatives such as internal training, tutoring, coaching, study trips, etc
• Identify, in conjunction with the country office managers, the development needs of employees, through the updating of the skills reference framework (skills matrix) by level of responsibility and adapted to the African context
• Drawing up and monitoring periodic training plans based on identified skills gaps and employee effectiveness in applying skills obtained through training in the workplace, from the time employees join the company until they leave
• In conjunction with the Dalberg Talent Academy (DTA) team, organize retraining of employees and support consultants’ progress towards the required level of performance on specific skills.
• Set up a mechanism for monitoring and evaluating training activities and assessing their contribution to the company’s strategy. Make the necessary trade-offs and adjustments to improve the training system
• Improve the impact of the training policy on the career and performance of employees by tailoring skills acquisition paths to their needs

Participation in the development of a framework to stimulate the potential of employees and the allocation of teams to projects (staffing)
• Formalize and monitor the processes enabling an employee to express his/her professional development and the prospects for developing his/her potential
• Identify critical jobs and skills for which there will be a likely skills shortage and those considered highly strategic for the development of the Dalberg strategy in West Africa
• Implement and update a career development policy that takes into account the aspirations of the teams and the opportunities offered by the organization as much as possible
• Contribute to the establishment of succession plans (or succession planning) in particular for high-potential executives and rare talents.
• Manage the professional development of senior employees and people wishing to reorient their careers, by accompanying professional reconversions and implementing a personalized professional pathway and coaching o Monitor the company’s indicators relating to qualitative social data (social barometer of well-being, average rate of promotion and progress, average index of stagnation in post, management rate, etc.)
• Define support plans for employees in difficulty

Our clients come to us with some of the most difficult global problems, seeking solutions where the obvious ones have failed. We are entrepreneurs and innovators, designers and creative problem solvers, thinkers, and doers who supply new ideas, drawing from a deep base of knowledge that cuts across sectors and geographies and is growing every day.
We partner with and serve communities, governments, and companies throughout the world.

Our current opportunities are in Dakar and Abidjan, based on the Human Resources and Talent Manager’s decision.

Please submit your application on our Career Centre by 12 March 2021 at 11:59 EST.
Your application should include a resume cover letter.
During the same recruitment period, please only apply to one position at Dalberg.
This position should be the role best suited to your current professional experience and to your first preference location.
You will have the opportunity to rank your next 2 location preferences within your application in case there are openings in other offices.
Candidate applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Candidates selected for interviews will be invited for a number of interviews to test analytical and conceptual thinking skills through consulting case questions, and to discuss interests and experience.
A candidate’s specific title and level of entry will be assessed during the interview process.
Dalberg is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer.
All qualified candidates will be considered for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability or protected veteran status, or any other legally protected ground, in accordance with applicable law.
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