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Conwall Womn’ Fnd ady to Sppot Commnty Pojt – Untd Kngdom

Dadln: 02-Nov-20

Th Conwall Commnty Fondaton good to go fo t Conwall Womn’ Fnd that am to ppot ommnty pojt n Conwall and th Il of Slly wh womn and gl wll th man nfa, and to np amton and nal ahvmnt.

Sd Gant Th Fondaton ppot loal hat, ommnty and volntay gop and oal ntp n Conwall and th Il of Slly. Th fondaton awad mall gant to gaoot, font ln, volnt ld oganaton who a makng a potv mpat n th aa. Th am to ovom hallng of dadvantag, xlon and povty fo all ag. Th fondaton wlom applaton fom oth nw and talhd gop.

Exampl of pol pojt:

To n a on wkly Mm’ and Bay’ gop (alo opn to anyon who pgnant) thmd ah wk to gd onvaton, fom fdng and lpng, to wanng and playng wth ay. To ng th womn n th loal ommnty togth to n mgant womn an’t olatd o dadvantagd y not ng al to flly ommnat th nd o want. To n wkly aft hool on fod on gl agd 12 – 16 and who hav n dntfd a havng low lf-tm and onfdn. Th pojt wll dlv a vad and xtng pogamm whh wll dgnd wth th hlp of th gop. Fndng Infomaton

Th avag gant awad £1,000.00 Fnd do not Sppot:

Pojt not nftng popl lvng n Conwall Poft makng oganaton Gop wth gnfant fnanal f v Stattoy/pl to oganaton h a halth athot, hool, hoptal, pah and town onl Contton to ndowmnt fnd, paymnt of dft fndng o paymnt of loan Gant makng oganaton o od who fnda o dtt gant on half of oth oganaton Rtoptv gant Rgonal off of natonal od f thy a not ndpndnt .. yo mt hav yo own loal aont and managmnt ommtt and nft loal popl Gop who nfa a not popl Pojt that hlp only on ndvdal Gop that hav had a pvo gant whh ha not n managd atfatoly o ha not povdd th lvant potng Pojt ntndd to nfln popl’ lgo ho o to pomot a patla lf ytm. Chh and fath ad oganaton may tll fndd povdd that th gant nft th wd ommnty. Fath ad oganaton hold laly dmontat th ommnty ngagmnt n th applaton. Elglty Cta

Not fo poft ommnty gop o oal ntp (applant don’t nd to a gtd haty t th atvt mt ondd hatal) opatng n Conwall who ha th followng:

Mt hav a ognd govnng domnt .g. Conttton, Atl whh otln th oganaton’ ojtv and t mt hav a Dolton Cla Mt hav a mnmm of th nlatd mm on Managmnt Commtt o f applant a a Rgtd Chaty thy mt hav th nlatd Tt gtd wth th Chaty Common All dtal gtd wth th Chaty Common mt p to dat f applant a a Rgtd Chaty o a Chatal Inopoatd Oganaton If applant a wokng wth hldn and/o popl at k, thy mt hav a Safgadng Poly n pla, th fondaton wold xpt to th Safgadng Off’ namd and ontat dtal wthn th poly Mt al to povd p to dat annal aont fo oganaton Mt hav a ank aont n th oganaton’ nam whh q two nlatd gnato fo all wthdawal In dat lvant Inan Pol Eqal Oppotnt Poly A wttn fn fom an ndpndnt f old qtd y CCF at any tag of th applaton po Whl thy wlom an applaton fom a CIC, thy ogn that thy dff fom Rgtd Chat and oth volntay oganaton, patlaly a thy do not hav a volntay govnan tt, qvalnt to Tt. A h, o don wll ad on o gla gant ta, a wll a th followng:

Hav a oal ppo otlnd n th Atl Hav at lat th nonntd Dto, th majoty of whom a not pad and hav an at lok la that n fnd and at a tanfd to a ody wth hatal ojt n Conwall on lo of th CIC Hav an at lokd ody whh ompl wth CCF’ CIC ta All domnt gtd wth Compan Ho mt p to dat and th am domnt mttd to CCF (nldng th at lok) Hav a ytm to n don on Dto’ mnaton a not takn y tho Dto vng mnaton Hav a alt n dat n plan whh nld a fnanal foat mttd alongd th applaton Applaton wll wlomd fo tat-p ot o fo dlvng a nw o nnovatv pojt that wll nft th ommnty a pat of th oganaton’ dvlopmnt and mt nld two ndpndnt wttn fn. Thy wll only nomally off a gant towad nnng ot wthn an ongong pojt fo th ft th ya of opaton. Fo mo nfomaton, vt

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