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Catv Nw Zaland At Gant: Enoagng Innovaton & Dvlopmnt of At

Dadln: 23-Ot-20

Catv Nw Zaland kng applaton fo t At Gant pogam to off hot-tm pojt fndng fo Nw Zaland att, at patton, and at oganzaton (nldng gop and olltv). Th fndng nal mo tanal a, noag nnovaton and th dvlopmnt of at pat, and povd oppotnt fo dv ommnt to a th at.

Sd Gant Catv Nw Zaland noag, pomot, and ppot th at n Nw Zaland fo th nft of all Nw Zaland thogh fndng, apalty ldng, ntnatonal pogam, and advoay.


At Gant pogam ppo:

Mo tanal a fo ndvdal att and at patton. Dvlopmnt of at pat. Innovaton n Nw Zaland at. Oppotnt fo dv ommnt to a and patpat n hgh-qalty at xpn. Fndng Infomaton

Th mnmm amont, applant an apply fo $5,000. Th maxmm amont, applant apply fo $75,000 t low lmt apply to om atvt. Otom

Nw Zaland patpat n th at. Hgh-qalty Nw Zaland at dvlopd. Nw Zaland xpn hgh-qalty at. Nw Zaland at gan ntnatonal . Nw Zaland’ at to lnt. Elglty Cta

Indvdal who a Nw Zaland tzn o pmannt dnt. Nw Zaland-ad oganzaton (nldng gop and olltv). Intnatonal at oganzaton, t th applaton mt how dt nft to Nw Zaland at. To apply to th Mao at fndng pool: ndvdal mt Tangata Whna Mao o popod pojt mt managd o dtd y Mao. oganzaton mt Mao-ld. If an oganzaton applyng fo fndng on half of an ndvdal, that pon mt alo Mao. To apply to th Paf at fndng pool – whth th applant an ndvdal o oganzaton: mt a Nw Zaland tzn o Nw Zaland, pmannt dnt. th pojt mt algn to Paf At Statgy, and Kapapa Pafka mt vdnt n th pat of th pojt. non-Paf ndvdal and oganzaton a lgl, t th pojt mt dlv otom to Paf at. How to Apply

Rgt o log n to th potal to tat yo applaton fo At Gant. Slt th At Gant ond that yo wh to apply fo. Rad th Fndng gdln. Ppa a dgt. Rad and wath vdo aot dgt at Fndng gdln – tandad pojt dgt tmplat. Gath ppot matal. Rad th Fndng gdln – ppot matal. Dd whth yo want yo applaton ad n th Gnal at, Ng? to M?o o Paf at fndng pool. Rad th Fndng gdln – At Gant fndng typ fo nfomaton to hlp yo hoo. Complt ah qton n th potal applaton fom. Smt yo applaton onln y 1 pm on th long dat (al f yo an). If th maxmm 200 applaton ha alady n ahd, yo won’t hav th opton to mt yo applaton t yo wll al to t and pat yo matal nto a nw applaton fo anoth ond (alady opn o whn t opn).

What thy a yo applaton on?

Extnal p ao wll a yo applaton ng th followng ta.

Ida I t a tong da? thy look fo th followng ndato: Th att am a laly xpd. Th da ompllng. Th att otom and/o patpant xpn lkly to of hgh qalty. Valty Can t ahvd? thy look fo th followng ndato: Th po to ahv th da alt and wll plannd. Th dgt thoogh and aat and ond fa mnaton fo patton. Th popl nvolvd hav ffnt xpn to dlv th pojt. Statg ft Do t dlv to Catv Nw Zaland otom? thy look fo th followng ndato: Th pojt dlv to th ltd tatg otom. Th pojt dlv to th ltd At Gant pogam ppo(). Fo mo nfomaton, vt

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