DRC recruits 01 Senior Education Coordinator

DRC t 01 Sno Edaton Coodnato

Rpondng to hmantaan, ovy and dvlopmnt nd n th DRC n 1996, IRC n DRC gdd y t fndamntal pnpl of apaty ldng, patpaton, patnhp, potton and pomoton of hman ght. Cntly, o man aa of ntvnton nld mlttoal mgny pon, halth, ntton, good govnan and onflt managmnt.

SUMMARY OF THE JOB IRC lookng fo a Sno Edaton Coodnato fo CYERA, a USAID-fndd pojt n DRC. Th poton wll povd thnal ladhp and managmnt of th CYERA pogam and th daton to, n th dvlopmnt of af and gnd-ponv datonal nvonmnt. H/Sh wll alo wok on xpandng ommnty a to fomal and nfomal daton v fo CYERA, nldng ovng th Halng Claoom modl.

Th poton wll povd thnal and mplmntaton ppot fo apaty ldng of loal NGO patn n th daton to, apd pon, and tah wll-ng, and wll wok loly wth FHI360 and ollag of oth to.

Th poton dpndnt on th alloaton of fndng to IRC and xptd to tat n Novm 2020.

PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES – Povd thnal ladhp n a – dvlopng af and gnd-ponv datonal nvonmnt, and xpandng ommnty a to fomal and nfomal daton v fo CYERA, nldng pvon of th Halng Claoom modl. – Coodnat th atvt of th nt a tam (fld managmnt, montong and valaton, and opaton); – Rgla ommnaton and oodnaton wth th Pojt Manag, th DDP and ky taff at hadqat on thnal and pojt managmnt ; – Povd thnal pvon of th a tam and tngthn th thnal apaty of taff to mplmnt hgh qalty daton pogam; – Mak gla vt to pojt t, to th xtnt pol, to povd thnal atan and n pop mplmntaton and montong of pojt atvt; – Pod ontton to monthly, qatly, m-annal and annal pot fo th Pojt Manag and dono, a qd. – Coodnat wth th onom, potton, and govnan tam and oth onty pogam tam a ndd.

REQUIREMENTS – Gadat dg (dotoat o mat’ dg) fom an adtd nvty n daton o a latd fld; – At lat 5 ya of xpn n managng thnal atan fo daton pogammng, wth at lat fo ya of xpn wokng pfally n o onflt ontxt qd, pfaly n th Gat Lak gon and / o n th DRC pfally; – Sgnfant po xpn n th fld of daton n mgn, nldng th pf thm hghlghtd aov; – Expn n th dvlopmnt of thnal tool and matal, montong and valaton, and ah latd to daton hghly dal. Expn n tatgy dvlopmnt and nttoal o ntdplnay wok hghly dal. – Stong ngotaton kll and th alty to dvlop latonhp wth loal ontpat, dono and oth takhold; – Stong ommnaton kll, oth oal and wttn; – Flny n Englh and Fnh qd.

IRC and IRC wok mt adh to th val and pnpl t foth n IRC Way – Standad fo Pofonal Condt. It aot ntgty, Eqalty, v and ponlty. In aodan wth th val, th IRC appl and nfo pol fo th potton of nfa agant xplotaton and a, th potton of hldn, th fght agant haamnt n th wokpla, tax ntgty and th fght agant talaton

Clk h to apply


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