Environmental Education Grants Program 2020 – Australia

Envonmntal Edaton Gant Pogam 2020 – Atala

Dadln: 16-Nov-20

Th NSW Envonmntal Tt kng applaton fo t Envonmntal Edaton Gant Pogam 2020 whh a onttal gant pogam amng to ppot datonal pojt that dvlop, oadn and tanfom th ommnty’ knowldg, kll, and ntn motvaton to ndtak tanal havo and noag patpaton n th potton of th nvonmnt.

Sd Gant Th NSW Envonmntal Tt an ndpndnt tattoy ody talhd y th NSW Govnmnt to fnd a oad ang of oganzaton to ndtak pojt that nhan th Stat’ nvonmnt. Th Tt’ man ponlty to mak and pv th xpndt of gant.


Th ojtv of th pogam a to:

Faltat hang n th pat and havo of ndvdal and gop to mpov pf o oad nvonmntal polm; Dvlop and pomot datonal pojt that mpov th nvonmnt and add tanalty hallng. Poty Aa

Th mmdat fndng pot applant nd to add a pat of th 2020 Edaton pogam a:

ppotng thatnd p ovy; addng lmat hang mpat on th natal nvonmnt – oth mtgaton and adaptaton. Fndng Infomaton

Total alloaton fo th 2020 ond $1,000,000. T 1 wll fnd gant of p to $60,000 fo pojt nnng fo two to th ya. T 2 wll fnd gant of twn $60,001 and $250,000 fo pojt nnng fom th to fv ya. Elglty Cta

Eah popoal q a lad applant. If fl n ng a gant, th lad applant wll hold pmay ponlty fo th dlvy of th pojt. Th followng oganzaton a lgl to apply a th lad applant: Commnty oganzaton; Commnty gop; Inopoatd aoaton; Inopoatd non-poft oganzaton; Non-ommal oopatv; Stat govnmnt agn and/o tattoy ommtt; Loal onl; Loal Land Sv; Unvt; Rgonal oganzaton of onl; Oth loal govnmnt-ontolld oganzaton; NSW Loal Aognal Land Conl; Rgtd NSW Aognal Copoaton; Collaoato a ky pojt patn and th Tt q that ollaoato a to atvly nvolvd n th pojt dlvy, a wll a ommttng to ongong of th pojt otom. Collaoato an alo hlp lvag tm, xpt, matal, o, and d dplaton. Collaoato mt: atvly nvolvd n dgnng th pojt; hav, and an how, th qt apalt and ponlt to hlp to dlv th pojt. Pogam Evalaton

Th Tt ha all t onttal gant pogam ndpndntly valatd to a th fftvn. Th Unvty of Thnology Sydny (UTS) – Inttt fo Pl Poly & Govnan and Inttt fo Stanal Ft ntly valatd th Tt’ Envonmntal Edaton pogam. Th valaton xamnd how th pogam wa dlvd, and th pojt t fndd, fom 2010–16. UTS ompltd t wok n Apl 2018 and thn pntd t fnal pot (PDF 3.6MB). Th Tt ondd and aptd th pot n Oto 2018. Th valaton onldd that th pogam wa wll n and flld a tal nh n th Envonmntal Edaton pa; howv, t alo ommndd hang to: pogam dgn, opatng and poly ontxt pogam govnan and tom xpn Th ommndaton a pogvly ng nopoatd nto th pogam y th Envonmntal Tt. Fo mo nfomaton, vt http://t.ly/3jxvfAf

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