Ericsson recruits 01 Head of Digital Services Customer Unit

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Th ol of Had of Dgtal Sv Ctom Unt Wt Afa and Mooo (CU WAM) ha th ovall n ponlty fo Dgtal Sv (Podt, Solton and Sv) n th Ctom Unt and a pat of CU a wll a a mm of th Makt Aa Dgtal Sv Ladhp Tam.

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Th ky aontalt of Had of Dgtal Sv Ctom Unt Wt Afa and Mooo a, t not lmtd to Champon MMEA Dgtal Sv tatgy, whh to: Povd thoght ladhp to lnt, Gow Eon’ dgtal footpnt, En top-noth dlvy & Dvlop and nlah dgtal v talnt Dvlop tom ntmay thogh dalog wth th C-t Mantan a halthy al fnnl thogh th ght n dvlopmnt tatgy and tat Dmontat and am fll ownhp of th n towad th aont n th Ctom Unt Lad, oah and nt th Ky Aont tam n th Ctom Unt wth gad to th Dgtal Sv agnda En fll algnmnt on aont plan and fnanal foat Rman ono and tv to optmz dgtal v tom pnd Am fll ponlty fo dal lo and poft-and-lo Dv a famng tatgy ov th ntalld a n th aa of 5G, Dgtal Tanfomaton, Clod Tanfomaton and Vtalzaton Expand th n thogh p-ll and o-ll oppotnt n oth doman o typ of v o podt Cat and lad a hgh pfomng oganzaton n ln wth th nt dgn pnpl Exht ol modl ladhp havo and navgat a omplx nvonmnt En omplan and adhn to Eon al and pojt dlvy po and tandad.
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Unvty dg; wth a pfn towad MS o MBA n n o ICT 10-15 ya of xpn n no ladhp poton wthn th tlom and/o ICT ndty Expn n Dgtal Doman (BSS, OSS, Clod, t.) Dp ndtandng of Sv Dlvy po, mthodolog h a Agl, DvOp, CI/CD, and tatgy Knowldg of th al po Ctom and makt nght Exllnt oal and ommnaton kll Stong fnanal amn Alty to fomlat tatg and onpt Alty to attat, dvlop and tan omptn Alty to manag latonhp at C-Lvl ntnally and xtnally Alty to lvag loal and gloal apalt n a omplx nvonmnt Popl ladhp, no apalty n managng and dvng hang n an oganzaton wth mltpl tom Thoght ladhp and ommal ndtandng a ndd to dntfy hot and long-tm n pot

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