EWMI ACCESS RFPs: Public Policy and Accountability Grants Program (Georgia)

EWMI ACCESS RFPs: Public Policy and Accountability Grants Program (Georgia)

Deadline: 30-Oct-20

The East-West Management Institute (EWMI) Advancing CSO Capacities and Engaging Society for Sustainability (ACCESS) is pleased to announce the Public Policy and Accountability Grants (PPAG) program for Georgian think tanks and watchdog organizations to undertake efforts focusing on increasing government transparency, accountability, and efficiency in responding to and recovering from the COVID-19 crisis through policy research, monitoring, analysis, and/or advocacy.

Seed Grants
In order for the national efforts at minimizing the COVID-19 threats and negative implications to be effective, they must be:

based on the best available evidence and analysis;
clear to the public to enable engagement and accountability; and
benefit from mutual coordination and cooperation with broader society at all levels – national, local, and community.

Provide policy analysis and assessment of government’s decisions and actions during and in relation to the COVID-19 crisis, and propose recommendations for improvements, alternative solutions, or additional steps to be taken to reach better results.
Propose and create mechanisms for the civil oversight and monitoring over the implementation of government’s decisions and actions to ensure their transparency, equity, and efficiency.
Study, oversee, and/or analyze the state of play and policies in the most underrepresented sectors, groups, and regions affected by COVID-19.
Promote participatory policymaking and consensus-building around Georgia’s long-term vision for resolving the lasting consequences of COVID-19 and making most of the new opportunities.
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EWMI ACCESS will award a maximum of three grants of up to $50,000 USD under this grant program.
Priority Areas

EWMI ACCESS will prioritize projects that:

Take into consideration regional context and impact on Georgia’s regions of the current situation and government decisions;
Propose data-based analyses and recommendations at regular intervals rather than one-off analysis;
Demonstrate a relevant and proven track record in the targeted issue area(s) and/or monitoring of government policies and actions;
Include a clear vision for engagement with policy- and decision-makers and promotion of project findings and recommendations;
Seek to build coalitions among CSOs, between CSOs and media outlets, and/or Tbilisi-based and regional CSOs in conducting and publicizing policy analysis and/or monitoring;
Include a plan to effectively communicate findings to the broader public and beneficiaries;
Include effective grassroots concepts of citizen engagement and oversight in delivering project outcomes.
Eligibility Criteria

Think tanks and watchdog organizations, or their coalitions, are eligible to submit applications to the PPAG program. The applicant organization or organizations must be legally registered in Georgia as a non-profit, non-commercial organization. Applicants should meet the following criteria:
Have at least two years of operational experience. As a rule, EWMI ACCESS will not provide “start-up” funding, although EWMI ACCESS may make an exception if sufficient evidence is presented to show that the organization’s directors and experts have adequate prior experience and the organization is filling a niche that has been underserved in the past.
Have a governance structure that ensures proper rotation of leadership and delegation of power, including at least a Board of Directors, a Chairperson, and an Executive Director.
Have a transparent system of bookkeeping that is in compliance with Georgian legislation and International Accounting Standards (IAS).
Must not be a debtor, must have canceled any debt to the state, or have arranged for debt collection prior to receiving the first disbursement of EWMI ACCESS grant funds.
Must operate as an independent, non-politically affiliated organization.
Civil servants, political appointees, members of the current parliament, staff of public broadcasting companies, and/or leaders of political parties cannot participate in a grant project as a director.
EWMI ACCESS gives preference to organizations with a strong record in policy research, analysis, advocacy, and/or monitoring; high institutional capacity; and in-house expertise relevant to the proposed project.
For more information, visit http://ewmi-access.org/public-policy-and-accountability-grants-ppag-program/

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