Expressions of Interest Call for APROFORT Grants Program – Guinea

Expon of Intt Call fo APROFORT Gant Pogam – Gna

Dadln: 18-Ot-20

APROFORT: “Sppot, potton and tngthnng of vl oty atvt and oganzaton n th wok to pomot hman ght” n Eqatoal Gna a nw pojt mplmntd y Tanpaêna Intgdad (TI-PT). Tanpaêna Intgdad (TI-PT) th Potg Chapt of Tanpany Intnatonal gloal oalton agant opton. Etalhd n Sptm 2010 an adtd Non-Govnmntal Dvlopmnt Oganzaton, Cvl Soty Foal Pont (CSFP) fo th Commnty of Dmoa, and a mm of Tax Jt Ntwok.

Sd Gant Th two-ya pojt that tatd n Apl 2020 and fndd y th EU, am to povd ppot, potton and apaty ldng to vl oty atvt and oganzaton wokng n th pomoton of hman ght and good govnan n Eqatoal Gna thogh th ax: ppot, potton and tngthnng. Th ppot wll povdd thogh gant to loal vl oty oganzaton o that, n th pfoman of th fnton, thy an xt atvt n ln wth APROFORT. Th ppot wll nld awan ang atvt n ollaoaton wth ltal oganzaton.


Th -gant wll ddatd to fnanng atvt of NGO and ndvdal ad n Eqatoal Gna who n th x of th gla atvt ontt to on o mo of th followng ojtv:

Dvlopmnt of td and/o pot on tanal dvlopmnt goal (SDG), ant-opton, good govnan, o hman ght; Atan to womn and gl who a dmnatd agant a of xal xtoton o fo ng pgnant; Atan to th LGBTI ommnty; Awan ampagn on dmnaton agant th LGBTI ommnty; Awan-ang of nttton on hman ght and good govnan; Sppot fo att and ltal vnt and ntatv on hman ght o good govnan. APROFORT -gant a awadd n fom of fnanal ppot dtd to th mplmntaton atvt and ntatv that onvg wth APROFORT’ man xptd lt:

Th aolton of th dath pnalty. Th fftv potton of atvt, oganzaton, and vlnal mnoty gop. Inad omplan wth Ant-Copton, Hman Rght, and th Stanal Dvlopmnt Goal. Fndng Infomaton

Th total nvlop fo th APROFORT -gant 40,000 Eo. Th maxmm -gant amont 10,000 Eo. Elglty Cta

Fomal natonal CSO n oalton o ndvdally Infomal gop of atvt Shool o tanng hool Tah and ah Att, that ompan, o any oth gop o ndvdal wokng on th ltal to Fo mo nfomaton, vt–gant/

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