FAO recruits 01 Assistant FAO Representative (Administration

FAO t 01 Atant FAO Rpntatv (Admntaton


Kampala, Uganda
Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

Jo Dpton – Atant FAO Rpntatv (Admntaton (2002302)

Jo Dpton CALL FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST – VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT: 2002302 Atant FAO Rpntatv (Admntaton Clo Dat: 26/Ot/2020, 11:59:00 PM Oganzatonal Unt: FRUGAJo Typ: Staff potonTyp of Rqton: NPO (Natonal Pofonal Off)Gad Lvl: N-2Pmay Loaton: Uganda-KampalaDaton: 1 ya wth polty of xtnonPot Nm: 1075276CCOG Cod: 1A12 IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Pla not that Clo Dat and Tm dplayd aov a ad on dat and tm ttng of yo ponal dv Th lngth of appontmnt fo ntnal FAO anddat wll talhd n aodan wth applal pol ptanng to th xtnon of appontmnt • FAO ommttd to ahvng wokfo dvty n tm of gnd and natonalty• Popl wth dalt a pottd fom any typ of dmnaton dng any tag of mploymnt, nldng th tmnt pha• All applaton wll tatd wth th ttt onfdntalty• Th nmnt may -agnd to dffnt atvt and/o dty taton dpndng on th volvng nd of th Oganzaton Oganzatonal Sttng Th man am of th FAO Conty off, whh a hadd y an FAO Rpntatv, to at govnmnt to dvlop pol, pogamm and pojt to ahv food ty and to d hng and malntton, to hlp dvlop th agltal, fh and foty to, and to th nvonmntal and natal o n a tanal mann. Th poton loatd n Kampala, Uganda.

Rpotng Ln Th Atant FAO Rpntatv (Admntaton) pot to th FAO Rpntatv and wok loly wth th Dpty Rpntatv.

Thnal Fo Pogamm admntaton and fnanal managmnt, nldng aontng and ponnl admntaton.

Ky Rlt Efftv and ffnt povon of admntatv ppot to th pogamm and pojt atvt of th FAO Rpntaton.

Ky Fnton •         Plan, oganz, and oodnat  th off’ admntatv v;

•         Povd admntatv ppot n th mplmntaton of FAO ollaoatv pogamm and n pod montong of th mplmntaton; •         Plan and mplmnt pod, nom and ytm n omplan wth xtng pol, fo a fll ang of admntaton-latd po nldng ponnl; •         Manag and pv th admntatv tam; •         Rvw and analy data fom a wd vaty of o, nldng FAO’ opoat ytm and dataa •         Ppa pot, fnanal and dgtay tmat fo pojt;  plan and oganz th applaton, ontol and aontng of appovd dgtay alloaton y pojt and pogamm; ppa pal pot fo dgt ppaaton , adt, and oth qt; •         Rvw aont, po paymnt n aodan wth talhd l and la wth loal ank and fnanal nttton •         Ov th fnanal and admntatv opondn and flng ytm of th off; •         Monto th pt of Govnmnt ontton and n that all pomnt and tom laan fo pogamm, pojt and th off a poply qtd and otand •         En th omplan wth th Oganzaton’ ty gdln (Mnmm Opatonal Sty Standad ‘ MOSS) Spf Fnton •           At n mplmntng and montong fftv admntatv po algnd wth UN gdln and FAO l and glaton and talod to th nd of th onty off; atvly ah ot to taff to at awan and noag th of admntatv po flow to mpov ffny; monto mpovmnt n ffny (tmln, aay t.) thogh th lafaton and of po flow;

•         At lnt (all FAO ponnl) on gnal admntatv matt y adoptng a lnt-ontd, polm-olvng atttd, povd adv and n admntatv ppot povdd y lf o ollag a qd; atvly dvlop ntwok and latonhp wth and la wth lvant pat ntnally and xtnally (UN famly n Uganda, FAO Rgonal Off, FAO S-gonal Off, FAO Hadqat) to fnd olton to fad y FAO’ pogamm ponnl; dntf and tak follow-p aton; •           At n k managmnt y followng-p on adt pot aton and dntfyng lvant fad k, ntnal ontol (po/pod) avalal to mtgat tho k and aton ndd to n that ontol atd to manag k a ng appld; •           En all FAO pm/falt n Uganda, nldng and pally fld/pojt off, a qppd and mantand at all tm wth th o qd to pfom n an agl and tmly mann; po-atvly ommnd ot-fftv pgad n tlt, ICT, qpmnt and nfatt to th FAO Rpntatv fo ondaton; •           A FAO Sty Foal Pont fo Uganda at FAO pntatv to flfl ty ponlt; mantan and manag Emgny Notfaton and Wadn Sytm wthn FAO Uganda; n that ty latd nfomaton povdd to all FAO Uganda ponnl.  Mantan ty latd domnt p-to dat; n that all ty ndnt a potd to FAO Rpntatv and Untd Naton Dpatmnt of Safty and Sty (UNDSS); at FAO Rpntatv n mplmntaton of all ty ma a pd y th Sty Rk Managmnt (SRM) Po, Rdntal Sty Ma (RSM) and Falty Sty and Safty Svy (FSSS); ppa and pdat FAO’ Bn Contnty Plan;  patpat n Untd Naton Sty Managmnt Sytm’ Sty Cll mtng povdng npt on SRM, RSM, Sty Plan on half of FAO Uganda and f FAO Rpntatv on don and ommndaton.   CANDIDATES WILL BE ASSESSED AGAINST THE FOLLOWING Mnmm Rqmnt •         Natonal of th onty of agnmnt

•         Advand nvty dg  n a fld latd to n o pl admntaton •         Two ya of lvant xpn  n off managmnt, admntaton, aontng and/o adt, dgt o fnan          Wokng Knowldg (Lvl C) of th offal ommnaton langag d fo FAO ommnaton wth th onty (Englh, Fnh,  Spanh, Aa, Chn o Ran)•         Wokng knowldg of th loal langag (f not Englh, Fnh, Spanh, Aa, Ran o Chn) •         Lmtd knowldg ( Lvl B) of Englh (f th man ommnaton langag Fnh, Spanh, Aa, Ran o Chn)       Comptn •         Rlt Fo

•         Tam Wok •         Commnaton •         Bldng fftv latonhp •         Knowldg Shang and Contno Impovmnt Thnal/Fntonal Skll •         Wok xpn n mo than on loaton o aa of wok, patlaly n fld poton dal

•         Extnt and lvan of xpn n th fld of off managmnt and admntaton nldng pvoy xpn •         Extnt of knowldg of UN o tandad opatonal l and pod and pojt/pogamm admntatv managmnt pod •         Extnt of knowldg of FAO’ opoat ytm and data a, o knowldg of oth aontng o fnanal modl o applaton lvant to aontng pod o pojt dgt managmnt wold ondd an at •         Dmontatd analytal and jdgmnt kll and alty to apply l and glaton n th jt fld Pla not that all anddat hold adh to FAO Val of Commtmnt to FAO, Rpt fo All and Intgty and Tanpany. GENERAL INFORMATION • AFAOR hall gantd fxd-tm appontmnt fo h pod o pod a th Oganzaton may dtmn and havng an xpaton dat pfd n th ltt of appontmnt o xtnon. Notwthtandng th fogong, th total lngth of v hall not xd fv ya. Appontmnt, nldng xtnon, do not ay any xptaton of nwal o of onvon to anoth typ of appontmnt. Howv, th do not pld th nmnt fom applyng to oth poton n th Oganzaton• Staff mm n th atgoy a td loally and pad aodng to a loal alay al. Salay al a vwd podally on th a of omphnv vy of th t pvalng ondton of mploymnt n th loalty.• FAO v th ght not to mak an appontmnt, to mak an appontmnt at a low gad, o to mak an appontmnt wth a modfd jo dpton. CONDITIONS OF SERVICE A ompttv ompnaton and nft pakag offd. Fo nfomaton on UN ala, allowan and nft, lk on th followng lnk: 

Cliquer pour accéder à ang.pdf

FAO noag a potv wokpla lt to na nlvty and dvty wthn t wokfo. FAO appl ma n whh all taff mm ontt qally and n fll to th wok and dvlopmnt of th Oganzaton. Th nld:• lmnt of famly-fndly pol• flxl wokng aangmnt• tandad of ondt HOW TO APPLY • To apply, vt th tmnt wt at Jo at FAO and omplt yo onln pofl. W tongly ommnd that yo pofl aat, omplt and nld yo mploymnt od, aadm qalfaton and langag kll;• Canddat a qtd to attah a ltt of motvaton to th onln pofl;• On yo pofl ompltd, pla apply and mt yo applaton;• Yo applaton wll nd ad on th nfomaton povdd on yo onln pofl;• Pla not that FAO wll only ond aadm dntal o dg otand fom an datonal nttton ognzd n th IAU/UNESCO lt;• Canddat may qtd to povd pfoman amnt and athozaton to ondt vfaton hk of pat and pnt wok, haat, daton, mltay and pol od to atan any and all nfomaton whh may ptnnt to th mploymnt qalfaton;• Inomplt applaton wll not ondd;• Only applaton vd thogh th FAO tmnt potal wll ondd;• W noag applant to mt th applaton wll fo th dadln dat. If yo nd hlp, o hav q, pla ontat:  [email protected]


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