FAO recruits 01 Economist (Food Security and Early Warning)

FAO t 01 Eonomt (Food Sty and Ealy Wanng)


Nao, Knya
Hmanta (ONG, Aoaton, …), Pojt/pogamm d dévloppmnt

Jo Dpton: 2002320   Eonomt (Food Sty and Ealy Wanng) Clo Dat: 27/Ot/2020, 11:59:00 PM Oganzatonal Unt: FAO Rpntaton n Knya, FRKENJo Typ: Staff potonTyp of Rqton: Pofonal PojtGad Lvl: P-4Pmay Loaton: Knya-NaoDaton: Fxd-tm: on ya wth polty of xtnonPot Nm: 2008145CCOG Cod: 1L09 IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Pla not that Clo Dat and Tm dplayd aov a ad on dat and tm ttng of yo ponal dv Th lngth of appontmnt fo ntnal FAO anddat wll talhd n aodan wth applal pol ptanng to th xtnon of appontmnt • FAO ommttd to ahvng wokfo dvty n tm of gnd, natonalty, akgond and lt • Qalfd fmal applant, qalfd natonal of non-and nd-pntd mm naton and pon wth dalt a noagd to apply fo th poton• FAO do not tolat xal xplotaton and a, any knd of haamnt, nldng xal haamnt, and dmnaton. All ltd anddat wll, thfo, ndgo goo fn and akgond hk.• All applaton wll tatd wth th ttt onfdntalty• Th nmnt may -agnd to dffnt atvt and/o dty taton dpndng on th volvng nd of th Oganzaton. Oganzatonal Sttng FAO’ Sgonal Off fo Eatn Afa ponl fo dvlopng, pomotng, ovng and mplmntng agd tatg fo addng gonal food, aglt and al dvlopmnt pot. It dvlop and mantan laton wth gon-wd nttton nldng Rgonal Eonom Intgaton Oganzaton (REIO). It at th FAO Rpntaton (FAOR) n th gon wth addng gonal food ty, aglt and al dvlopmnt at onty lvl. Th Sgonal Off a day of FAO’ Rgonal Off fo Afa.FAO ha a la mandat fo, and ompaatv advantag n, ppotng aly wanng and aly aton to pott food ty and aglt. A pat of FAO’ ovall goal of ndng hng and povty, Statg Pogamm (SP) 5 am to na th ln of lvlhood to that and . Und th ojtv th oganzatonal otom potz FAO’ ol n aly wanng, pvnton and mtgaton a wll a ppadn and pon. FAO alady ppot o dtly manag a ang of aly wanng ytm at gloal, gonal and natonal lvl, whh a ky to ln pogammng and ha a tantal potfolo of wok n ppotng natonally ld pon and, wh nay, dtly manag hmantaan and ln ntvnton n th to.Th pot loatd n th Nao, Knya  Rpotng Ln Th Eonomt wll pot to th Aglt Off of th Rln Tam fo Eatn Afa (RTEA) , and wll wok n lo ollaoaton wth taff fom th Ealy Wanng Ealy Aton Gloal tam, Off fo Afa (RAF), and food ty xpt of th Sgonal Off fo Eatn Afa (SFE), and onty off Thnal Fo Dvlopmnt of tool, apat and ytm fo Ealy Wanng Ealy Aton (EWEA) fo ont n th Eatn Afa gon. Ky Rlt Comphnv thnal, tattal, analytal and/o poly analy v and th dvlopmnt of palzd tool, mthodolog, ytm and/o dataa to ppot th plannng, mplmntaton/dlvy and montong of th pogamm of wok and latd podt, pojt, platon and v. Ky Fnton • Plan and lad omponnt of mltdplnay tam and hot-tm wok gop, lad and/o patpat n dvonal tam, patpat n Oganzaton-wd ommtt, pojt tam and wokng gop and povd palzd xpt on ntnatonal thnal ntwok and/o thnal poly and tandad ttng od;• Dvlop thnal, tattal, analytal, montong and potng famwok, and latd tool, mthodolog, ytm and dataa to ppot th plannng, mplmntaton/dlvy and montong of th pogamm of wok, podt, pojt and v;• Dgn and ondt ah, data ollton, valdaton, analy and/o potng atvt to ppot th dvlopmnt of thnal tandad, ntnatonal ntmnt, nnovatv tool and mthodolog, flaghp platon/thnal pot and/o poly popoal a wll a th povon of thnal palt and/o poly adv and xpt;• Rpond to qt and povd thnal/poly adv, atan and olton to onty off and povd thnal aktoppng to fld pojt;• Pomot ntnatonal oopaton and ollaoaton, advoat t pat and nad poly dalog and povd thnal xpt at ntnatonal mtng and onfn;• Collaoat n apaty dvlopmnt atvt nvolvng knowldg hang, th oganzaton of tanng wokhop, mna, and mtng a wll a th dvlopmnt of latd matal and onln tool and nfomaton kt;• Patpat n o molzaton atvt n aodan wth Copoat tatgy and dvonal plan. Spf Fnton • Ov th mantamng of EWEA n FAO off n th gon/gon y povdng phad apaty ldng ppot and tanng ppot to Dntalzd off (DO);• Lad gla ntgatd k analy of natal dat, oo onom k, onflt, food nty and anmal halth;• Monto and onoldat data fom xtnal EWS to o fn and pplmnt th wanng gnatd y FAO ytm;• Faltat don y ngng togth aly wanng analyt and pon plann wthn FAO a wll a oth takhold wokng on aly wanng and ln analy n th Eat Afa gon to onoldat aly wanng and dvlop tatg pon ommndaton;• Ov th mplmntaton of mpat analy and lanng of aly aton pojt n th Eatn Afa gon, and th lt to advoat fo EWEA poly and pogammng and atng n onvyng th lvan fo pondng to food ;• Oganz otah ntatv and vnt to na awan of EWEA y don mak;• Sv a FAO foal pont at th Rln Tam fo Eatn Afa (RTEA) lvl to th Intgovnmntal Athoty on Dvlopmnt’ (IGAD) th Food Sty, Ntton and Rln Analy H (IFRAH) and povd thnal and oodnaton ppot, a wll a at th h n th dvlopmnt and mplmntaton of t tatg dton;• Sppot FAO patpaton n lvant ky Untd Naton (UN) oodnaton mhanm wth th am to n FAO play a pomnnt ol n th ntgaton of EWEA n ky Int Agny po.    CANDIDATES WILL BE ASSESSED AGAINST THE FOLLOWING Mnmm Rqmnt • Advand nvty dg  n onom, natal o managmnt, food ty, agltal onom o a latd fld; • Svn ya of lvant xpn  n food ty and ln analy, onom and qanttatv analy of food and agltal , natal o and/o dat managmnt o latd aa;• Wokng knowldg of Englh and lmtd knowldg of anoth FAO offal langag (Aa, Chn, Fnh, Ran o Spanh). Comptn • Rlt Fo• Tamwok• Commnaton• Bldng Efftv Rlatonhp• Knowldg Shang and Contno Impovmnt  Thnal/Fntonal Skll • Wok xpn n mo than on loaton o aa of wok, patlaly n fld poton dal• Extnt and lvan of xpn n th talhmnt, dvlopmnt and mplmntaton of food ty aly wanng ytm pfaly dvlopd n potatd o mgny ontxt;• Extnt and lvan of xpn n ondtng analy and ynth of dv aly wanng, food ty and ln latd analy and ommnat lt laly;• Dmontatd alty to molz o. Pla not that all anddat hold adh to FAO Val of Commtmnt to FAO, Rpt fo All and Intgty and Tanpany. GENERAL INFORMATION  • FAO v th ght not to mak an appontmnt, to mak an appontmnt at a low gad, o to mak an appontmnt wth a modfd jo dpton. CONDITIONS OF SERVICE  A ompttv ompnaton and nft pakag offd. Fo nfomaton on UN ala, allowan and nft, lk on th followng lnk:  http://www.n.og/Dpt/OHRM/ala_allowan/alay.htm  Oth nft, jt to lglty, nld: • Dpndny allowan• Rntal dy• Edaton gant fo hldn• Hom lav tavl• 30 wokng day of annal lav p ya• Pnon fnd nttlmnt nd th UN Jont Staff Pnon Fnd• Intnatonal halth nan; optonal lf nan• Dalty potton FAO noag a potv wokpla lt to na nlvty and dvty wthn t wokfo. FAO appl ma n whh all taff mm ontt qally and n fll to th wok and dvlopmnt of th Oganzaton. Th nld:• lmnt of famly-fndly pol• flxl wokng aangmnt• tandad of ondt HOW TO APPLY   • To apply, vt th tmnt wt at Jo at FAO and omplt yo onln pofl. W tongly ommnd that yo pofl aat, omplt and nld yo mploymnt od, aadm qalfaton and langag kll;• Canddat a qtd to attah a ltt of motvaton to th onln pofl;• On yo pofl ompltd, pla apply and mt yo applaton;• Yo applaton wll nd ad on th nfomaton povdd on yo onln pofl;• Pla not that FAO wll only ond aadm dntal o dg otand fom an datonal nttton ognzd n th IAU/UNESCO lt;• Canddat may qtd to povd pfoman amnt and athozaton to ondt vfaton hk of pat and pnt wok, haat, daton, mltay and pol od to atan any and all nfomaton whh may ptnnt to th mploymnt qalfaton;• Inomplt applaton wll not ondd;• Only applaton vd thogh th FAO tmnt potal wll ondd;• W noag applant to mt th applaton wll fo th dadln dat. If yo nd hlp, o hav q, pla ontat:  [email protected]  FAO IS A NON-SMOKING ENVIRONMENT POSTULER

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